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Fry over feeding?

So my fry are just over 4-weeks old now and I've noticed a few deaths this past week. The ones that are dead seem to be rather large bellied (as opposed to the thin/starving-appearing fry) and I'm wondering if they died because they ate too much microworms.... In past spawns I had fed my fry soley BBS and I had never had overfed fry before. This is the first time that I'm feeding them soley microworms and so I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had dead fry due to over feeding of microworms?

I'm actually really surprised that the thin/starving appearing fry seem to be doing just fine, when the ones found dead look like the plumper ones.
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I find deaths more frequent in my fry due to feeding them soley on one food.... I think this leaves room for their diet to be nutritionally incomplete. I feed vinegar eels, banana worms, Walter worms, and micro worms daily. Then I feed BBS every other day (as they hatch)... In my experience with BBS they will eat and eat until they look like they will pop. With micro-worms I find they eat what they need and the rest wriggle at the bottom of the tank for a day. Usually if I can still see worms at the bottom of the tank- I skip a feeding!
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Oh and I'm pretty sure banana, Walter, and micro worms are the same nutritionally but I always mix anyway to fill the needs of the smaller or bigger fry. :)
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Though fry may over eat and have trouble swimming (bloat) nevertheless I have never seen any die from it. The same applies to adults in sororities.
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