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Unhappy Add last girl later??

Ok. So my number of girls for my sorority keeps upping..... it went from 5 to 6 to 7 and now nine, which is no big deal because its a 20 gallon tank, planted, and has two giants (one is kind of a psychopath as well) so i need to distribute as much aggression as I can. the problem is that my mom encouraged me to get back on aquabid.... which for some reason i did.... and fell in love with a pink girl and bought her. the problem is that she wont even be shipped from tahiland until the 21st.. so she might be here the 25th or so. this means that i would have to wait ANOTHER two weeks from that date to start the sorority, and it breaks my heart that everyone will have to stay in their containers that long. Also, maintaining all of those containers plus my other tanks is a nightmare.

Would it be ok to put everyone else in and then just add her later? I feel like with that many fish they wouldnt even notice. What do you guys think??
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From what I've read on Sororities, you'll need to take the girls out and redecorate a little before adding the new girl from Aquabid. This will help break up any territory that may have already been claimed, and hopefully keep the aggression down.

I can't find the thread I read that in anymore, and since I don't keep a sorority, you may want a second opinion.
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Well I would go ahead and put the girls in, then when the new one is ready cup everyone new girl included rearrange the tank a bit and let them all float in the tank cupped for a day or so I know it sucks but them all being cupped and seeing each other helps put the new girl like dead center of all the others, I would also keep track of which girls seem to be the bosses there will be one girl who is the tank boss and then a few others close to the top of the hill you will have to watch them carefully to figure this out and put the new girl in first along with the ones lower in the order then the more aggressive girls and the top girl last, that is how I would handle it and I have a sorority of 14......and so far they have not killed eachother
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Reference Team
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I used to add new females to my sorority all the time without the need to rearrange everything.

I just simply would feed all the original sorority members at the front of the tank and then release the new female at the back.

Depending on the aggression levels of your females there is the possibility there may be little to no fighting, fighting initiated by the new female, or fighting initiated by the existing members of the sorority.

I've had new females swim right to the front of the tank and start eating alongside everyone else, and I've had new females find the biggest female in the tank and start fighting with her.

If a new female was being particularly nasty, she used to get put into a spare breeders' net that would hang in the sorority. I found after a week or so in there she was accustomed to the presence of the other females and could usually be re-introduced without issue.

With sororities just keep it simple. I find the more you fuss with the fish or tank, the more things go wrong.
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