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Thanks (All) for Helping...

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who gave me advice on Scarlet. I ended up using melafix and pimafix combined to treat Scarlet's bacterial and fungal infection. After 7 days of treatment, I did a 50% water change and then continued to medicate the water because she wasn't all the way healed.
During the water change, I became concerned about using the net to transfer her from bowl to bowl because some of her scales around the healing site was coming off on the net when I used it, I thought it was hurting her, so I called the aquarium place here in Wichita and they said to just pour her into the bowl with some of the old water and not use the net at all.
After the 7 day medication period was over, I changed out 50% of the water. When transfering Scarlet to the clean bowl, I POURED her into the bowl instead of using the net and she scraped her back on the bridge re-opening the wound that was tring to heal. It was even bleeding a little into the water. I can't tell you how awful I felt after trying to help her for so long and seeing her starting to heal, and then I go and put her back at square one again.
Scarlet was starting to heal, the wound looking laceration on her back that was covered in fungus/bacteria was starting to go away, her color was coming back and she even ate a couple flakes.
After the water change and the scraping of the back occured, Scarlet became very weak, she had trouble swimming to the top for air. When I turned on the air pump to put oxygen into the water, she wasn't able to ground herself anymore, she would let the current take her around the bowl and it became too dangerous to use, so I quit the air pump. She also started to almost be gasping for air. Her color became pale and she seemed to have little to no energy to do anything.
3 days ago Scarlet died while we were sleeping. I left a night light by the bowl that night because I knew something wasn't right. I even said a little prayer and told her I loved her before I went to sleep. My kids finally gave me the okay to flush her this morning. We are all very sad about losing Scarlet. She was a happy fish and we were hoping for a better outcome. I wanted to see her swimming around in her bowl, wagging her bright red tail, begging me for food again. I miss her I guess I should be happy that she's not hurting anymore. All I can say is I tried my best to help her and at least I know that much.
Thank you all for your advice and concern, you helped me more than you know. It's nice to get solid advice from people that really care for fish. There's not many people out there that look at a fish and see a LIFE worth saving. Thank you for understanding. -Desirae
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I am so sorry to hear about Scarlet..I know you cared so much for assured you did everything you possibly could..You will be a great Betta Mom to your next Betta and you have gained valuable knowlege from your experience.
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You should be proud that you had enough respect for her life to try everything that you did...I have heard of people using bettas as party decorations and then flushing them down the toilet after the party! Some people have no conscience.

I'm sure that when you get a new healthy fish things will work out better for you, even though you can't really replace Scarlet.
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