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Reference Team
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Remember that when breeding vt you have to be aware of the fact that there is no money in them and if we want them to get into shows and recognised they should be bred with good color and full fins, no three mile gaps.

Good luck keeping 100 permanently. That would be a VERY big task!
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Reference Team
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Honestly, I think that depends on what kind of VTs you breed and what kind of market you have in the area you live in.

VTs of this quality and colour would definitely have a market here in Australia. Perhaps in an area where quality bettas are difficult for the average hobbyist to source, you would also have a viable market.

I would say that only like 10% of enthusiasts are actually into showing and only a small percentage of breeders are breeding for show standard fish. Most people just want pretty pets, and quality VTs can fill that niche alongside the other tail types.

I suppose if you had a barracks system set-up and a large sorority tank for females, you could feasibly keep 100 bettas.
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No worries, as I said, I am very experienced with fishkeeping, just not breeding. I had to give up my fish as we had to move several times, but we're settled now, and I've got a fish room ;)
LOL, a hundred is small potatoes - assuming I can breed at all!
And yes, a barracks set up for males, and a few 60 gallon and 1 120 gallon stock tanks for females and growing out, smaller ones for breeding. Not that I'm looking to be a big breeder, but I'm more then happy to keep a large number of them for my own pleasure. It is lovely to finally have it all unpacked and setting up again.

As LittleBettaFish said, most people just want pretty pets, and veiltails are certainly that. But when I was very heavy into fish 15 years ago you could show veiltails, I felt really old when I heard you no longer could, lol.
Anyone looking to change that has my support.
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