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Green fungus(?) on betta

I have a blue, red, and white betta. I just got a new apartment an hour away from here so haven't been home as often to check up on him every single night. My brother has been feeding him every morning and night. He has a heater.

Lately, the past few days that I have checked on him, I've noticed that his body looks slightly green over the blue. He's also been very sluggish and likes to sit at the bottom of the tank. He's normally a very active fish.
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That could be water mold or fin rot, or something else entirely. From what i've heard, the prognosis is not good.
Is there someone at your lfs that you trust?
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-Is your tank in any sunlight? if so move it away from a window.
-You can put backer and side images on your tank, or just a flat color to block sunlight
-Depending on size of tank and amount of fish an algae eater might be a possibility.
-Make sure not to overfeed your fish, and to gravel vacuum once a week.

However, if it seems to get worse each time you do a water change, you may want to test your water or call your local water supply to find out what's in it.

I cut and pasted the above info from an article I found on the web..this is all I could find on Green Stuff..Try to find out what it is before using any chemicals...that would be my advise.
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does your fish seem to have clamped fins? has it seemed to dulled in color? oh and how are its eating habits, like has it stopped eating?

sry about the questions i just want to help you figure out wats wrong.

if you want to look at a few pictures and see if any of them look like what your fish might have a good website would be
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