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I read somewhere triple sulfa is one of the medications a lot of bacteria have resistance to because it is so overused.

It could very well be a tumor. I had a fish get one on his side and he just wasted away as the tumor got bigger.
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Well, let's consider people, rather than fish for a moment....

Sometimes one antibiotic isn't effective. When that happens, a doctor will usually try a different medication instead. It could be that it wasn't the correct medication to treat the illness, etc. So the doctor just moves on to a different medication.

As Matt said, there are some people here who know a lot about fish diseases. It might be worth it to ask one of them about his condition, and see if they can help.
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It sounds like a tumor. Nothing will help it at this point though, nothing would have helped at the beginning either. Unless you want to shell out big bucks to get it removed by a fish vet (very hard to even find and a chunk of the money likely would go to gas), euthanasia is the kindest thing. I know clove oil works for most fish as it knocks them out and then you up the dosage to put them to down entirely but I don't know if it would work for bettas. It limits gill function but they would just go to the surface, however it would likely cloak the labyrinth as well.

Posting a picture will help us tell if it really is a tumor or something that could be treated.
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I looked back at the OP's recent threads.

I saw several threads about persistent fin rot and clamping for Lucky Blue. Some of those talk about using aquarium salt, oak leaves and Triple Sulfa.

I saw one thread about a white spot for a different fish. The white spot was on the fish's side (not head) though.

But I didn't see a thread about a white growth on a fish's head.

I would still like for the OP to post a photo and fill out the info sheet, or refer us back to a previous thread about the fish. I think this would allow people to determine just what's going on with this fish, and determine if euthanasia is appropriate.
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