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Betta has recovered! :)

This is adding on from my previous post 'what is wrong with my tank, fish are dropping l and r'. I had to make another thread because I want everyone to know what happened!

My pH in my 10 gallon aquarium was tap water was 8.2. I have gone through 2 other bettas in this aquarium. One kept having problems with fins and the other died within a week of being placed in there and his fins shriveled up to nothing in a week. I just couldn't figure out what it was because the ammonia was fine! Turns out it was the PH!

Just got a crown tail betta last night and within 24 hours his fins began doing the exact same thing... Curling and sort of falling off and deteriorating. I went to the store and brought zephyrshills bottled water, and a refillable bottle of glacier water (30 cent station)

Here were the readings:

10 gallon tap water - 8.2
zephyhills - 7.4
Glacier - 6.8

I put betta into a gallon bowl with a betta bowl heater with the zephyhills water almost 100% Along with half. Teaspoon of aquarium salt. The temp was colder but I let him acclimate for 20 mins and within hours the heater had him up to 80. I also trickled the new water into his cup to minimize the shock as much as possible. He was laying on the bottom for the longest time.

Within the last 20 mins, I can't believe it but he went from looking half dead on the bottom for at least 7 hours to looking amazing! He has perked up and almost looks back to normal :) I wanted to share because I feel so happy having helped my little friend!

I am currently changing the 10 gallon water 10% every other day so that I can get that PH down as well. I will be using the bottled water by the end of this cycle and down to an acceptable pH. :) hopefully Betta can join his friends again when that happens. I did not know bettas would be so affected by this! I am also surprised that my other fish are not having issues. I have 3 neon tetras, 2 cories, and 1 amano shrimp. I guess my tap water is very hard and I had no idea!
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So glad your boy has improved! I have heard that high ph can cause the fins to be eaten away. All of my fish are in water that has a really high PH and I don't have any issues but I think some are more sensitive than others.
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