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What can I do to help my betta after the 10 rehab for fin rot

Heya. So its day five of Massuka's rehab. I old say he's 90% back to his normal self. I been changing the water at every 24 hrs I haven't kept any lights on or the filter I check the ph a few times a day and I make sure the water has been 76-78*. He is acting ok he gets excited when he sees me which I'm ecstatic over cause for a few days he was very lackluster almost like he was punch dunk. But it seems he shock that and is lively once again. He is blowing air bubbles not nest but just speraticly (this means he's happy, correct?) he also has his appetite back. So all in all in happy with his actions he is becoming more like he was before tiphos godforsaken fin rot. My main concern( and I'm hoping you can help me ) is his coloring its not vibrant like it was it looks faded and also all though this fins are much better looking, no more dark dead looking tips and I see where it's growing back some I believe I read it come in clear a first and that what it looks like. But I'm wondering with he ever be as vivid a s he once was and will his fins ever got back too 100% or is he scared for life? One last thing I'm concerned about is what to do once the treatment is over in he's been in his tank like how do I know for sure that this is gone after 10 days and what could I do to help him heal properly and to make sure he is as healthy as can be.mosnthere a certen food that help give him the nutrients he's missing? Sorry for so many questions it just that I never had a betta and never even hear of fin rot up until a week ago...I really appreciate the help and support Many thanks
Greatfuly, Del

Ps.please leave any hints,tip, or suggestions on what to do once I treated the fin rot for 10 days in the salt.....could the trauma of fin rot change a bettas personality for good and also his color and fins?..I can't thank y'all enough
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well you should see white/clear endges on his fins that will be regrowth of his fin and once he is back in his tank the best thing you can do for him is make sure he stays warm and keep his water clean, so do regular water changes and feed him good food
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keep his water extra clean. do extra water changes and make sure his water is steady and warm. He will improve over time and his color will come back. His personality will return to norrmal. Just keep up with water changes.
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Thanks so much for the info.
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fin rot, recovering fin rot

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