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Reflection in Aquarium, plants, and tank mates

I just upgraded my one gallon, no filter bowl to a nice 5 gallon aquarium with a weak filter and am very proud of it. I have all the test kits for the water levels, heater, and thermometer. I haven't put the betta in yet cause i'm letting the water air out but I am worried If he will be able to see his reflection on the walls. I also bought some tiny white rock gravel for it and some of those glass decorative rocks for decoration and am now concerned if he can see his reflection in those.

How many plants i should put in and what kind would also be a great help and other things that would be useful for a new aquarium.

also: any recommendations on compatible tank mates? (my betta is a male)
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the reflection in the glass is liely something that he will get used to however if the tank is planted reasonably heavily then he wont see his reflection, and it wont be an issue.

really any plants are great for bettas. they are not fussy but they do enjoy having the plants there to provide cover and to play with. they are particularly fond of floating plants however and will often tug at them and generally lark about with them.

as for tank mates, maybe a mystery snail? or a few shrimp? bettas and shrimp can on ocassion not work because the betta sees them as food. my experience with them together has been a good one and my betta was actually more fascinated with the shrimp and would follow them around from time to time.

just to add as well, well done on upgrading your bettas home. i think you will see a marked improvement in him now that he has ideal living quarters. its amazing the difference it can make to a fish. :)
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