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Location: San Jose CA
time for a rearrange on on my 5 gal

So when I introduced my betta a month ago in my 5 gallon chi it also housed 3 neon tetras along with 10 or so ghost shrimp and some hitchhiker ramshorns. She completely bit the fins off of all the tetras and chased all of the ghost shrimp out of the tank while I was doing water changes and got rid of all the snails except for 3 snails.Well now I'd thought I would do a complete rearrange and add some rcs and amanos to care of a little algae for a couple of weeks till I introduce my betta back in.

MTS mixed with red clay capped with APS
Fluval 1 filter


Drawf sag
riccia on rock
Xmas moss on lava rock
Xmas moss on driftwood
Java fern on lava rock


Desk lamp
23 watt daylight 5000k
4.6 wpg


Flourish excel
ADA green brighty step 1 (micros)
ADA brighty K (potassium)
Flourish phosphorus

I'm dosing weekly after 50% water change

Here's when I first setup the tank

Here it is a couple of days ago

No theme really just wanted to throw in all the plants and let it grow wild.
Next is my old 5 gallon long divided into 5 parts I will do a journal on that when plan it out.

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sounds great :) keep us posted on the growth!
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Reference Team
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Yay! I love my chi but it sure is hard to plant.
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