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Old 04-20-2013, 11:17 PM   #41 
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Central Texas
I used to have 12 but I'm down to 8 now. I'm in the process of moving and I'm yaking 3 fish with me, I hope. So I'm rehoming 4 of them and one is near death. Also, my mom and brother would kill me if I had more. And, my space in my new house will be limited.
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I don't have enough money ;-;

And that means 5, 50% water changes every week...
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:01 AM   #43 
Saphira101's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Washington, United States
I have four Bettas currently.

1. Money is my main limiting factor here.

Although, I have a tendency to hoard fish stuff, so I probably have a bunch of heaters and filters hiding in my basement.

2. I made a promise to myself that if any of my current fish are sick, I can't get any more until they're cured. Merlin currently has Columnaris, so I can't get any more until he's better. (Though as soon as those fuzzies dissapear, I'll start looking for a nice plakat male.)
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:04 AM   #44 
Tikibirds's Avatar
Join Date: May 2011
Location: Shangdong, China
I got 15 but i dont do all the wc's the same day.

I ran out of electrical outlets.
biggest limiting factor
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:20 AM   #45 
Corsica's Avatar
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Central Arizona
Nothing apparently. I just brought #7 home.
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:44 AM   #46 
Reference Team
LittleBettaFish's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2010
Location: Victoria, Australia
Money is my biggest limiting factor right now being that I am unemployed and ran my savings account dry.

Also, availability of the type of betta I want is quite limited so I generally have to wait a long while before I find them up for sale. It took me a year to get my hands on the one in my display picture again after the original pair died.

I was lucky in that my older brother is an electrician so he put two extra powerpoints in for me to run all my fish tanks off.
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:52 AM   #47 
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Location: Midwest
Originally Posted by NeptunesMom View Post
I I have almost enough classes to complete the PhD at this point, but I'm having trouble writing my thesis. Long story short, I picked the wrong major prof (not tenured, and thus was "let go") and the wrong method (interviews). I'm actually writing a dissertation proposal tonight to include in my application to PhD programs. It's not going so well .
I don't bettas quite qualify for Sociology but at 2 weeks now I've thought there would be an interesting thesis that researched and discussed the psychology of betta owners and the relationship with their fish. What is the the fascination and thought process behind of this? Why do we get hooked? There are lots of fish and pets one could have why bettas? Why can we not drive past a Petco without stopping? Why do we keep going to the store just to get "supplies" only to eventually return with a betta? We continue to hear the siren call of the betta mermaid. I think that is going be my signature.
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Old 04-21-2013, 01:25 AM   #48 
veggiegirl's Avatar
Join Date: Nov 2012
Location: Queensland, Australia
1. Money- just about sent myslf broke buying on impulse. 2 bettas to 21 in 2 months (18 males and 3 females)
2. Time- So busy already I literally have no free time except when on the forum and that is almost 100% of the time during studying. I have so many animals I really have to be careful about getting more than I can handle plus I only usually work 1 day a week so things are going to be terribly hectic when I finally get a full time job. Plus I am dying to get the horse of my dreams which I will have to wait until I am more financial.
3. Space- My room is already home to 2 saddles plus tons of horse gear, a large cage (almost 2m square) that my cat goes into when I am in town, my fish tanks and my very large mouse cage that is almost as tall as my plus about a metre long by 1/2 meter wide plus of course my bed furniture etc.

Since beginning to import bettas not buying is so much harder I really am addicted and then sometimes I walk into a petshop for something and come out with another three or so bettas. I really need help........
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Old 04-21-2013, 01:49 AM   #49 
Nibblez's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2013
Location: Sydney, Australia
1. Money
2. Space
3. Myself, knowing if i get too many, there just would be enough of me to go around. Decided to set my limit at 3, perfect since i just spotted a black crowntail i would love to have. Plus, upkeeping 3 NPTs isnt going to be easy.
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Old 04-21-2013, 10:01 PM   #50 
Jexx's Avatar
Join Date: Feb 2013
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
When I say I ran out of outlets I mean I ran out of outlets to plug power bars into XD I am jealous of you who are able to keep your fish in your bedroom. My bettas are in my living room. If I could put some in my bedroom I would totally have room for at least 3 more!
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