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Old 04-20-2013, 09:02 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: Florida
Huh, I never posted here... HAI!

Hi there, I'm Stephanie!

I've loved petkeeping and bettas since I was a young girl, but now more than ever do I have a passion for bettas.

I have 3 bettas... so far. A 10 gallon planted tank, a 2.5 gallon lightly planted tank and a 5 gallon tank. The 10 gallon is a community tank with 15+ Ghost shrimp about 5 Mystery snails, 1 Nerite snail and 1 Halfmoon betta of course.

The 2.5 houses my baby betta, which I think is a boy because I saw a 'beard', he flared at me and is making a bubble nest. It has Duckweed and Javamoss, and 1 Nerite snail.

The 5 gallon has just some silk plants 2 snails and an unnamed Crowntail male that I'm rehoming soon.

Also, I has a hamster, her name is Sasha.

That's pretty much all my pets and what my hobbies are. Pet-keeping.
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Old 04-20-2013, 10:14 AM   #2 
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Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Hi there Stephanie so happy to have you join us here on the forum. Sounds like you have enough to keep you very busy and its great you have and passion for Bettas I think most here do, I know I sure do, I only have one so far. I hope you enjoy your time here on the forum.
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Old 04-21-2013, 12:06 AM   #3 
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Location: Alberta, Canada
Hai :)
The other day I realized I never posted in here either XD
I do believe I saw a thread about naming your hamster..??? If not that hamster is named Sasha as well.
I also share your love of animals! I have had them all my life, I dont think id ever be able to live without them
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