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Some help please...

I have a betta 3 tetras and 2 orange ones i can't remember what kind...anyways i wanted a ghost shrimp cause even thought i have a filter theres still alot of un eaten food at the bottom..and some real plants....i have a 10 gallon tank, four fake plants and a many real plants should i get and how many shrimp? what about that fish that eats the let over food that sinks to the bottom...are they any good...
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Depending on what the orange fish are, I don't see why you couldn't add something to help take care of the extra food. Ghost shrimp do a decent job of cleaning stuff like that up. Your betta (and maybe the orange fish) might eat the shrimp, but since ghost shrimp are only about ten cents, you could just think of it as a gourmet snack for your betta. Snails are also good at eating uneaten food at the bottom, but they produce a lot of waste themselves. A mystery snail would be a good choice. There are lots of different kinds of bottom feeders, but many of them are too large for a 10g tank. Most of the pleco species would get too big although you might be able to get by with a bristlenose or clown pleco. These fish also produce a lot of waste and won't be super-efficient about eating the food on the bottom. One of the best bottom feeders for a tank that size are corydoras catfish. Since these fish like to school, if you could track down a school of pygmy corydoras you'd have yourself a really good group of fish to eat the uneaten food on the bottom. They're really friendly and fun to watch, as well.

But, like I said, that really all depends on what those orange fish are, and exactly what kind of tetras you've got. Could you give a description of them, or better yet, post a picture of them?
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