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My first Betta! (A little help?)

I recently purchased my first betta fish! I was thinking about getting one, but was in the pet store for a different reason when I saw him. His colors immediately reminded me of the Spirit of the Kohaku River,from the movie "Spirited Away"

Kohaku in his human and dragon form (I did not create this image)

The colors on my beautiful fish are reversed, but I couldn't think of any other name for him.

Here's my little fish!

There are some strange things about him that I couldn't quite place on the color and fin variation chart. I'm going to call him turquoise, but in real life he looks more like a cross between royal blue and turquoise.

He was listed as a Half Moon betta, and that seems about right, but are there any other opinions? I couldn't find his markings listed, is there a name for white-tipped fins? also, his ventral fins are black with the white tip, and they are split, with one end curling. Is that normal?

Here you can clearly see the curl. Also, is there any specific name for the black markings on his fins?

Just a note: I am aware of his mild fin rot, and am treating him. Also, he is currently in an unheated bowl, but that is only temporary until his tank is set up. I do have a heat lamp warming the tank.
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he is either a super delta or an halfmoon and his coloring would be called a butterfly I think... you can look under the tail type and color stickie if you haven't already...
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