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Originally Posted by Jayloo View Post
I thought plakat was recessive and the F1 would all be long finned. Either way, this sounds kind of a stretch to me. Fry are hard enough to rear. Let alone some 5* X HM eight generation worth of fry. I don't mean to sound negative but unless you are very experienced in breeding then none of this is likely...
I thought HM was recessive? I was talking about the HM shape, not fin length. I was assuming that was what he meant and by HM, he really meant HMPK...
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Reference Team
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Long fin is dominant, halfmoon (more branching) is recessive. I also do not see the point in this. Like most here, I do not support fighting them, but I would keep the strains pure if you are set on it.
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Gonna end up with fish that are not pretty and cannot fight.
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i see and thank .. Good point everyone..
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I dont support fighting either (wouldnt be able to stomach it) but its interesting to think about what would happen if such crosses were done.
I think if they are still tested each generation and can win against 5* and have hmpk form you may be able to get a 5* hmpk. HM would fail because his long fins. I wonder if dragon scaling would act as slightly extra protection too, or maybe because show fish have bigger bodies it might slow them down a bit
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