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Wanting to treat my Betta buddy well.

I have only had Grady my Betta a few months. And I am trying to learn all I can about the Betta. I have learned so much from this site.... Thanks.
But however I am still not sure on the light issue? Does he need his light on at night all night? And I live in a very small town and getting frozen bloodworms or Brime shrimp isn't something I can get here. They do sell the dried shrimp and bloodworms....Would this be ok to use? And I have also noticed Grady's fins are tithered could this be from the bubble stone I have in the tank with him? And I have been buying the spring water for his tank...Am I wrong for this? Because wouldn't the chlorine in the regular water kill him?

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i know that they can eat freeze dried blood worms so i would think so.

PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTIONS 2 thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I would say to use regular tap water with a dechlorinator..that would be fine..Do you have plastic plants in your tank? If so take them out and run them across and old pair of nylon stocking..if they pull then don't use them as the Bettas fins are very fragile and plastic plants sometimes case them to tear and look ragged.. try to find some silk plants..they work better for Bettas
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mine eat both freeze dried bloodworms and hikari betta bio gold. so dried bloodworms should be fine, just hydrate them before you feed as apparently they can swell up in their stomachs. I have well water so i dont have to worry about chlorine but i do condition the water to take out harmfull minerals. what size is his tank? and yes some sort of silk or cloth plant is good as plastic ones can rip their fins. if you have water that has chlorine in it, you can get some dechlorinator to put in, its not expensive and you just add it when you do water changes.
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just keep in mind that you have to feed him a good pellet/flake meal neartly every day of the week as a staple in his diet. the bloodworms and shrimp are for a treat.
the light, leave it on during the day but when its dark where you live turn it off. bettas, just like humans, need the proper day/night cycle
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