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Help me diagnose possible ammonia burn/fin rot?

Hello, new to these forums and looking for a bit of help with my new betta. A little over a week ago I was at one of the two big name pet stores and I saw this little guy frantically swimming laps in his tiny little jar. Normally I don't buy animals from these pet stores for obvious reasons, but this betta did laps for a good 20 minutes straight and I felt horrible, so I "rescued" him.

Brought him home, set up a simple 10 gallon aquarium for him including a penguin 100 filter (plants, filter floss, and etc making the current suitable for him), a heater, few ornaments (sanded down rough edges), and a couple live plants. He seems VERY happy swimming all around his tank making use of all the ornaments and planets. He actually perches on the leaves right next to the filter, so I know it's not too strong for him. Oh, and I keep the temperature right at 82F

Anyway, I believe he has some ammonia burn (not surprising considering where he came from). There is a little bit of black around his gills, and an 'extra' little piece on the bottom part of the gills. From what I gather, if this is ammonia burn it's an old one since it's black, not red. I'm keeping the water very clean with a 15% or so water change every day with a little extra conditioner if the ammonia is high. However, because of his coloring it's hard for me to tell if his gills are fine or not. Can someone confirm this for me?

The main thing I'm concerned about, because treating ammonia burn seems straight forward, is fin rot. The edges of his fins seem gray, but this could very well be just his natural coloring. There are also very tiny areas that look like they are fraying or rotting off. I don't know, I could just be paranoid. But I would love if someone with more experience could help me out!

Pictures below. Thank you for any help!!
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Welcome :)
Personally its hard to tell what is his natural colour and what isnt, for now id keep him warm and clean (this is what most pet store fish need to get better really) Keep a close eye on him if you see more of his tail rot away then you know what you have on your hands. Fin rot can be cured with just warm clean water so keep doing what you are doing.
I do suggest hat you buy stresscoat+ this will help his fins grow back... id double the dose for a while and the great thing about it is you wont have to use conditioner, it has it in it already.
recap clean water is what he needs and a little extra help to regrow what hes lost.
If anything happens over the next few days to make you suspect something is wrong just let us know :)
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