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Rant... Renovations, spring cleaning, and now a tornado watch!? WHY!?

So this is how my week went....

Saturday - the 2 new 5 gallon tanks arrived, decided to completely redo the other 2 as well as setting these 2 up. For some reason it took me about 6 hours between the cleaning, rinsing, sanatizing new stuff, and filling them back up again. Took all my daughter's yard toys and play houses out of the basement. Hosed down and washed them all to get rid of spiders and insects. Set them up (some dismantle)

Sunday - back was hurting from saturday... but refloor the kitchen? WHY NOT!? Took dawn to dusk as our kitchen was set up horribly and my mother's ex (that set it up) hardwired everything in

Monday - linoleum is finished drying, so I can put everything back in the kitchen. Husband keeps complaining that he's too tired and sore (he recently got a new job in a distribution center) so I end up paintstakingly and carefully dragging the fridge and stove back. The fridge did NOT fit through the door, which added an extra hour to the task I had to remove and put back on the fridge and freezer doors.

Tuesday - finished putting all the stuff back into the kitchen except for 1 section of counter that I could not lift alone. Decide to put some used linoleum under my daughter's play house and slide climbing thingamacallit to avoid the insect problems they had last year as they give a nice shady spot for them.

Wednesday - spend most of the day organizing and cleaning. Getting no where. Got a huuuge 6' shelf for our bedroom, couldn't find screws and anchors to put it in somehow hurt my wrist (I have the start of arthritis plus a bad wrist from a permanent hairline fracture from an accident years ago) Brother who I choose to have nothing to do with texts me TELLING me I "have" to unblock him from fb and skype. Because, apparently, that's how you fix years of cruel behavior to someone you're supposed to care for. The quick fix, slap on some duct tape and pretend it never happened! -.-

Thursday - back hurts, wrist hurts... spend more time organizing. Take some time to rest and do numerous small projects. Having a GREAT day, body aches aside. Best friend completely misreads my comment on her fb post, and flips out at me on PM. Known her for 20 years, and she's never so much as yelled at me. Ruined my day in a second, especially as it was a stupid misunderstanding and she jumped to cussing and yelling

Today - Woke up this morning to extreme wind and our garbage cans in the road. wrists are killing me, and my ego hurts as I feel like I've worked all week and it looks like nothing has been achieved. Spend the morning emptying allllll the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and reorganizing them so they actually make sense. Only half done. Go drop off a package at the post office (ebay item I have to return because I bought a 3 disc 3d, blu ray, dvd pack and she only sent the 3d disc in a blank jewel case I hate it when someone else's deceitfullness costs me money!) Stop at the dollar store. Comment how I'd think there was a tornado coming with as extremely strong as the wind is. Finally relaxing and looking at things to decorate the garden with. Mom calls, "there's a tornado warning" (aren't I psychic!?) GRR!!!! Run home, put my daughter's yard toys BACK in the basement. NOT taking apart that slide play thingy! It can stay in the yard. Tornado warning is upgraded to a tornado watch and to add to that it's in effect for the next 6 and a half hours -.- gee, thanks mother nature!!!

Can my week be over yet? and for that matter... this is the 3rd or 4th tornado watch in the last year. Last time I saw a twister start to form near the house but died off before touching ground. what's with this!? If karma is a ... you know what... then I must really have ticked someone off!

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