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What do i need to keep a Betta??

I was wondering if there was a check list anywhere that told me EVERYTHING i need to keep a Betta. Or if anyone could tell me here too, that would be great :D

Also, what can they eat besides just regular betta food??

thanks [/u]
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The Betta Care and FAQ post at the top of the forum goes into detail, but here's a quick list of the basics:

tank of at least 2.5 gallons
heater, appropriate wattage for your size tank
filter (either a sponge filter or air pump driven in-tank filter)
glass aquarium thermometer
gravel siphon
tank decoration with no rough edges that provides a hiding place
silk plants (plastic can rip their fins)
aquarium cleaner wipes or algae scrub pad
water conditioner with stresscoat (they make some specifically for bettas)
water test kit (liquid ones are better than the strip ones)
betta pellets (for every day)
freeze dried bloodworms (feed a couple times a week)

optional -
bacteria supplement to use when starting a tank, this adds beneficial bacteria and makes cycling quicker
turkey baster to use to suck up uneaten food or poop
aquarium tongs to use when you need to remove decorations or plants, so you don't have to be elbow-deep in aquarium water

The majority of a betta's diet should be betta pellets. You can supplement with freeze dried or frozen bloodworms a few times a week and cooked veggies every now and then. If your betta ever becomes constipated you can feed him a pea and it works like a laxative. Make SURE you don't overfeed, bettas always act hungry but if you give them more than what the instructions of the food say to, they will get sick.
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here is a sticky post to betta care

taken from this post is the list of what you would need
Needed Tank Equipment:

-Tank of AT LEAST 2.5 Gallons.
-Heater. The temperature in the tank needs to stay at least at 78 degrees. (remember 5 watts per gallon)
-Hiding Spots:(caves, plants, etc)
-Filter: This is actually not needed, but it helps. Bettas need a light filter with low flow.
-natural/ artificail Light: bettas need natural day/night cycle just like humans
-Liquid Test Kits:
-Access to Air.
- i highly recomend a turkey baster as well

bettas should eat betta food nearly every day of the week but they could occasionally be fed peas, boiled egg whites, misquito larva, and frozen bloodworms/brineshrimp (most common). just keep in mind that these should not subsitute for their betta food as a staple in their diet

hope this helps
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