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Changing from bottled water to RO

Hi! I've had my male Betta for almost a year and I've been using bottled spring water for his tank. I recently got a Reverse Osmosis Water System for my home and would like to use RO water now if possible. How should I change from his current tank of bottled water to RO? When using RO, do you recommend leaving the water out for 24 hours first? Is there something I should add to it and if so, where do I get it?
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I don'tknow much about RO, but any water added to the tank should be treated with water conditioner (even bottled spring water). Used to be that you could leave the water out for 24 hours and it would cause the chlorine to evaporate but now they also treat water with chloramine, which does not evaporate so you must use water conditioner all the time. You can buy water treaters at any pet store, they make some specifically for betta fish that include what is called 'stresscoat' and helps keep the fish healthy.

Also when you switch over make sure you don't do a 100% water change, this can shock the fish and endanger it's health, never ever change more than 25% - 30% of the water at a time and make sure the new water is about the same temperature as the water in the tank. REMEMBER that betta fish must have temperatures in the 78-80 degree range all the time or they won't live very long and are prone to illness, so if the water in your tank is 78 degrees and you add a few cupfulls of 50 degree water the tank temperature will fall and the fish could get very sick.
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RO doesn't have any minerals or buffers or anything in it, which shouldn't be used without putting additives in. What additives I don't know...
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I don't recommend using RO water. It's completely pure and devoid of essential minerals. Leaving it out for 24 hours won't do anything, as there's nothing in there to oxygenate or dissipate.

Is there any reason you aren't just using tap water?
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