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Needing help with Cycling

Currently, I am trying to do a fish-less cycle(5gal) and could not get the process going with shrimp. I did a few water changes over a few weeks after removing the shrimp and tried Stability to try and jump start my cycle.
I cannot seem to get my NitrItes(5.0ppm) and NitrAtes(40-80ppm) down. My ammonia is at a steady 0ppm since Stability with PH of 7.4. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

I do have a second question, When should I change my filter for my tank and is there more then just replacing old cartridge?

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You could try doing a 70% water change to see if it changes.

You should not change the filter cartridge unless it's literally falling apart. But before you know this is going to happen, stuff another filter catridge in there if you can so that the bacteria can have time to move to the new one. And then after about a week or two week you can take out the old one and throw it out.

Also, not sure if you knew about this or not, but at every water change after it's cycled you can take out the cartridge to give it a bit of a swish and rub in the old tank water you just took out so it doesn't clog up as quickly! Hope this helps.
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Thank you for your advice, it does help but I have been doing 50% water changes frequently to see if I can get the Nitrites down but fail to do so.
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Hi there Zixx, do you have any live plants in your tank ? If not some fast growing plants like Hornwort and Anacharis would help bring down the nitrite and nitrates. Live plants are great to have when cycling a tank as they use the ammonia, nitrite and nitrates as food.
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I currently do not have live plants in my tank. I was thinking of not having any live plants.. but it could change my mind if that would help my situation. I just have black substrate gravel, baffled filter, some fake plants and a heater.
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