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Red lips?

My daughters Betta, Wally has been a constant color shifter since we bought him in January but one thing I saw somewhere caused me concern. I don't remember what website said this but they claimed red lips was a sign of dropsyin Bettas. I think I read this as I was curing one of my african dwarf frogs of severe dropsy and took a mental note but Wally was new to our house and still a pearl white Betta( for only a few days). He went on the color changing journey soon after and one thing that changed were his lips. Around the time that he developed a dark blue streaks and translucent purple and pink streaks in his fins his lips turned a deep red. Perfectly red like he put lipstick on. He isn't bloated and has completely healthy active a curious behaviors. Water tests have all been fine the whole time we've had him( I obsessively test all tanks!). Should I in fact actually worry about the red lips? Or is this perhaps just another of his lovely coloring oddities?
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Blue Fish
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I've got a girl who has bright red lipstick just like what you've described. She's a light/cream body with dark red/purple fins, and speckles all over her head...and her lipstick. ;) The lipstick is actually why I bought her...she was so tiny, and that perfect dark-red fishy pout... ;)

I've had others who started off with that light coloring, and as they aged, got better food, had better water conditions, their colors changed and became much more vibrant. I've also noticed that many of mine who started out with butterfly translucency on the edges of their fins eventually came to have their color extending in streaks into the translucence after a few months. (it was *not* septicemia, which had me freaked out for awhile! ;)

As long as he's acting happy and he's not swollen, I vote for it just being his coloring. My understanding is that when they get dropsy, it's very evident that there is something very wrong. I've only had one fish who had it, a girl who was still in QT, and she swelled up (entire body), started breathing heavily, refused food, etc. You could tell she was sick.
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Well after researching the crazy coloring that was going on I actually found he is a HM colored marble. Just never saw any mention of of "lipstick colored marble" lol! But he pretty much looks exactly like this guy if you scroll down to the colored marble.. just with red lips and a little more craziness going on with his fins. I am in love with him <3
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