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Red face Super Update And Questions!

Hey all! So I kind of needed to gather everything that's happened in the past week and just dump it all here! So much has happened with my 33 gallon getting Ich and then Piebald jumping to his poor fishy death!

So first up is the 33 Gallon Sorority.
Temps are steady at 85 degrees, the cories don't seem to be minding too much yet but we'll see in a few more days. The Pleco is happily munching away on everything and has a cute fat belly! Although he was made when I took away one of his pieces of driftwood haha.
No spots have been...spotted, for lack of better term, on any of the girls, neons, cories or the pleco. I've continued to dose Ick Attack at 2x the dose and have done 40-50% water changes from Saturday until today.
Unfortunately today I had to change my focus to the other tanks and get them cleaned first so today was just a dose on the 33.
Oh wait, I lied. I did do one quick sweep to the 33, took out 3 gallons worth of waste (not much but it took care of the top layer of detritus on the sand)

Next up Piebald:
So Piebald jumped from his tank last night and I wasn't able to save him in time so he's now swimming in fishy heaven. I'll miss you little guy :)

New Recruits:
I went out today (because I heard Petsmart was having a sale on Bettas ><) and bought a beautiful, small, but beautiful Dragonscale PK boy. He's baby blue with a few black spots on the top of his head and a white belly. He had clamped fins in the store so I had to take him home, besides I had been wanting to have a Dragonscale for a long time now. So he's currently happily swimming around Piebalds old tank.
Thinking about names for him, here's the list so far: Cyan (like this one), Cobalt, Skye, Topaz, Aero (like this one), Blitz, Frost (Frozz), Arclight (Arc), Northstar, and Masque are all the ones I can think of so far.
Here's a small picture of him, you can see his body in the reflection.

And the second was a girl, she's a bit raggedy. She's a crowntail and also has a small body slime infection so I'm working on clearing that up. I've named her Raven Starr or Raven for short. I had been looking for a Black CT girl with either red-wash fins or red solid fins. She's got the red wash and a light blue iridescence on her scales which I find gorgeous. So I had to pick her up, I don't have a pic of her yet.

Baby Platys:
All five are still alive and doing well! They've finally started to grow again once I fed them more often >< Part of it was just I wasn't home enough to feed them three times a day, but I've been at least getting them two small meals in a day. They have a mix of food in their diet consisting of most BettaMin flakes, NLS flakes, bottom feeder wafers (crushed), algae wafers (crushed), Tropical flakes, and bloodworms all crushed together to make a tiny formula for them. All are very active and seemingly happy with their little floating watersprite in the breeder net with them.

Lord Silvern Mercury:
I cleaned out his tank after I realized that the snail he had in there was dead >< So did three 75% water changes on it and upped the temperature to at least 82 degrees, we'll see if it holds. He's got Ich and something is making him keep going tail-up. I'm not sure if it's his swim bladder doing something funky or if he's got internal parasites or not. His gills are not red, he was breathing heavy will in the tank but now that's he's floating in clean, fresh water he seems to be better.
I've put him in 1.5 teaspoons of aquarium salt for the possible internal parasites and the ich, he's in a 1/5 QT floating in his 3 gallon.

The little sucker keeps tearing at his fins!! I'm hoping after this intensive treatment he'll be healing up soon. I took all the plants/driftwood out of the 10 gallon and gave it a good siphon. I siphoned out 70% of the water on each side of the divider twice. I'm not sure about this but I have a lot of white particles that float around and found them seemingly growing at the base of my Java Fern "Windelov", no idea what it actually is but I tried to get most of it out. I'll do more water changes tomorrow to get the tank back to par.
Remmy himself has what seems like Columnaris again, but I'm not sure. It also looks like he might have hurt himself on the driftwood? Kind of looks like a scrape.

*note that the second spot you see behind his gill is not actually on him as you'll see in the next picture, it's one of the floating things I was talking about before. You can see all the nasty stuff in this picture right before I took him out to clean the tank. Here's another:

So he's in salt right now and some Stress Coat to hopefully heal whatever that is up and then we'll start working on those fins ><

He hasn't gotten sick too much (thank the lord) but his double tail is shredded right now, absolutely shredded! So he's also in a cup (I ran out of tupperware contains so I had to use a Petsmart cup :(
So he's swimming in 2x dose of Stress Coat and we'll see if the heaters keep the water up to the 84 degree's it's supposed to keep at.

Okay, last thing I promise. I know most people get some slime or mold on their driftwood but mine is weird....I never boiled them, I just soaked them in conditioned water for about 10 days each, changing the water everyday with warm water. But each one has something sligtly different. The one I show you here looks like a moss growing on it. Another has the slime and another one has a furry slime, it's so weird. So if anyone has any tips about this, it would be much appreciated.

And that's all the updates for now! If you read this entire thing....kudos to you! You should buy another betta to congratulate yourself! lol

<3's all and thanks!
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Old 04-24-2013, 12:41 AM   #2 
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Wow love your new dragon plakat! gorgeous colour Hope all your fishes are better soon.

(And that's all the updates for now! If you read this entire thing....kudos to you! You should buy another betta to congratulate yourself! lol)

LOL Don't tempt me........ two bettas to twenty in two months, I don't need any encouragement!
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Old 04-24-2013, 07:39 AM   #3 
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Hehe, that's awesome I have to admit! I wish I could have 22! but I've got my hands full with 13 Betta's and 14 other random fish!
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Old 04-24-2013, 02:27 PM   #4 
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So many Bettas D:
I only have 8 (father will probably chuck me out of the house if i get another tank)
Also, sorry to hear about Piebald :/
And as for the drift wood. The same thing happened to me! I just gave up on it and its dried on my window sill now XD

And that's all the updates for now! If you read this entire thing....kudos to you! You should buy another betta to congratulate yourself!

As for another betta, there is an abnormally small red VT female at the aquarium store with torn fins that needs some love.... (shhh dont tell my dad)
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Old 04-24-2013, 02:30 PM   #5 
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Lol, thanks crystalicethorn. It's okay, I'm sure your dad won't see if you happen to split a tank (if you have a big enough one) and stick a very small red VT.....

Yeah I really don't know what to do about the driftwood :/ I've spent quite a bit of money on these pieces and I would hate to just have to take them out. I think i'll post another thread specifically for these things when I get a chance after cleaning all my Betta's tanks out.
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Old 04-24-2013, 02:39 PM   #6 
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I think i'll get her and put her with my other females :P If they fight (scared she will be bullied cos of her size) I will try separate my sisters 10 gallon which has a miniature red male with silver blue tips on his tail.
As for the driftwood, I managed to make it got away for a while by scrubbing it with a hard brush (and then rinsed), you can try, see if it works.
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So more on the update, no one in the sorority has any white dots anymore and the temperature has been up at 85 since Sunday so I'm starting to decline it very slowly, it will probably be back down at 79-80 by next Tuesday at the earliest. Still dosing with the Ich Attack and doing 40-50% water changes although I didn't do one today, my back is aching from hauling around water ><

I took everything out of Remmy and Ditto's 10 gallon because I found it was atrociously dirty, I think the driftwood just threw off a gajillion particles so I've done 8 water changes on it lol I think I need to do two more tomorrow to make sure.

I've also taken Ditto and Remmy out and placed them in PetCo cups so they can float in salt for a while, hopefully knocking off and killing any Ich that might be floating around in there. Unfortunately I accidentally put the little plastic circle thing on the top of the cups, down a little too far and I turned my back for one second and Remmy had scraped his head on it >< Oy, I really just can't win can I? But good news, he no longer has that white spot on his head, I think it was something fungal from a scrape from the driftwood.

Lol he looks mad in the second one and surprised in the last one, makes me giggle.
So he's staying in salt and Stress Coat.
I'm doing 100% water changes on everyone in QT containers each day. Remmy actually built a small bubble nest in his last night! He hasn't done that since December!

I still don't have any good pictures of Raven but you can see more of Aero here:

But now Maddie has a spec of Ich on her! I don't understand since she's not come in contact with ANYTHING that would have been in or used in the 33! >< But....she no longer has the gold dust of long does velvet last and how long for to cure it? I hardly doubt two days would cure it....

Also Aero goes up for air quite a bit, like more than any of my other Betta's, any reason he might be doing that? Or is he just getting use to his new home still? He eats one pellet a day so far...well sort of one. He eats it, spits out, eats, spits, eats, spits and then tries to eat it when it falls through the gravel and gets mad when he cant get at it lol I'll have to crush a pellet before I feed him, he's so small. I'm guessing he's only about 3 months, maybe 3.5 But he loves to hide in the little alcove of the Altantis Columns ornament.

Mercury has also perked up! He's been in the 5.5 floating in his QT container with salt as well. it's a steady 85 degrees in there. He's gained all his color back and eats like a pig again, he's still having trouble staying up right but he seems to be getting better a little. There are no Ich spots on him either but still treating him for the rest of the week to make sure. I also cleaned out his three gallon extensively, got rid of all the algae growing on the walls and siphoned out the gravel about 4 times as well.

Platy fry are growing very well and the Pleco has a very full tummy and is happily sucking on literally everything lol. It's adorable when he balances on a stem of the Val. and sits there for a moment ^^

Sooo....I think that's all the updates so far! The girls are still getting along fairly well, a little more biting this week but no big damage as of yet.
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