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Old 07-07-2008, 08:33 PM   #1 
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neutering bettas... ?

I have a 14 gal tank that consists of a single male betta... I think he is bored and lonely. I would like to get him a friend or two... at first I wanted to make him a pimp and give him a few girlie bettas... haha... but of course... the problem with that is there is a possiblity of mating... which I do not want. I'm a newbie so I do not want hundreds of bettas ( I do, I do, I do.... but I can't, I can't, I can't). Then I talked to ppl and they suggested corydoras catfish, albino **** catfish, etc catfish (to help w/ the algae) but the thing is, I only know how to take care of bettas.. I can't get anymore complicated cuz I dunno these fishees...

I still want to get female bettas for my Firefly... but I'm afraid he is gonna impregnate all of them, hahaha... I want to save those girlie bettas from evil petco... but I dunno if I can keep them. Is there a way to prevent them from mating? I know this is farfetched as we should allow nature do its thing... but... I would like to have some control over the population... esp when I know there are plenty of others bettas who are in dire need of a loving home...
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Old 07-07-2008, 09:08 PM   #2 
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no i would never reccommend putting more than one betta in a tank without expert knowledge of bettas or separators
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Old 07-07-2008, 10:00 PM   #3 
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How about some Ghost Shrimp? I recently bought 2 for my fish. One has died, but the other is doing very well.
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Old 07-07-2008, 10:24 PM   #4 
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lol @ intense invasive surgery on little fish XD

sorry. its jsut when i read neutering all i could thinkof was liek the surgery used on dogs. and it made me giggle thinking of that same surgery on a fish.
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Old 07-08-2008, 09:44 AM   #5 
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i think that corys will be fine in a 14 gallon. but you need sand for them as a substrate and they need to be in a group of at least three and i wouldnt get anymore than 3. shrimp will also work fine along with other kinds of fish that can get along with bettas well.
but do the reaserch on the fish before buying them.
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Old 07-08-2008, 11:42 AM   #6 
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I wouldn't suggest putting any female bettas with you male betta. I think that you would be worrying much more about them killing eachother than mating! In general, if you don't know anything about breeding bettas (or if you don't want to breed them) don't put male and female bettas together.
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Old 07-10-2008, 07:04 PM   #7 
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thanks everyone... I still want to adopt other fishes... but I dunno if the water condition that I have for my betta is okay for other fishes. My water parameters are normal... except the ph may be a lil high.
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