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New to community

Hi there,
I have been keeping fish, from salt to brackish to fresh, for years. After moving to Kansas, and with the inability to find good fish here, I dropped the interest for a while. However, I finally found that I can buy quality fish, both on ebay and aquabid, and bluegrassaquatics. So, I sent and got a 29 gallon, had a few fluval chi's and started going back to it again.

I have always loved bettas--not because of the fighting aspect but because of the beauty of the breed. I had never seen anything but the standard, pet store betta but, always had one and they lived for long past the 3 years.

I began investigating breeds and ended up trying out a few males and females. It was for fun, originally, as well as love for the fish themselves. I have expanded past that and now, want to breed. I know I wont get rich at this but, just the love of the idea itself, I am going strong.

I also have rare african cichlids. This is another breed I love as, they are self sufficient, very hard (as long as you care deeply for your tank, and feed good food), and I love watching them grow, from no colors to absolutely gorgeous fish.

I'll admit...I am having a ball. I finally got my mustard to let me "pet him" and, I love the look as I came into the room. My females do the same. My white ROsetail will actually come to the corner of the tank and "look at me", waiting for his mosquito lavae (frozen) or his flightless fruit flies. I found that, they do NOT like bloodworms or brine shrimp. They are now very picky. (maybe spoiled).

In just a few months, I have learned so much. I am caught up in the genetics aspect and, to be truthful, I don't really understand it and can use all the help I can get. I finally had a successful spawn and, although there are not many in there, I am enjoying ever aspect of the breeding process and so excited to check in on them every morning.

I am a single mom of 5 children--dad is not in the picture. I have 3 children with developmental disabilities--two with autism (one is severe) and one with a form of cerebral palsy. I moved to Kansas, due to the school system giving up on them and, I refused to do so. Since then, My son that, I was told, would never make it past 3rd grade level. He is graduation high school, next month with honors. He is looking into being a youth pastor. My other two are doing great! Both are very good at computers and, I foresee great futures for both of them. My oldest girl is 21 (as of 45 minutes ago), and going to college. My other boy is living alone with his girlfriend and, much to my surprise, is expecting a baby. My first grand will be born in May!!

I also work in the the area of developmental disabilities. I manage 2 ISL's in Missouri right now, and have been doing this for almost 10 years. Although I love my job, I have found the peacefulness of the fish and, hope that, one day I can work hard enough at this to be able to do this full time. I realize that is a dream that is way out there but, I love doing it and, I miss having my own business as well.

I am from Dracut, Mass. , originally. Most know the name as, the first pilot killed in 9/11 was our neighbor. John Ogonowski. Where I live now is noisy, flat and fast paced. I miss the ocean, the beauty of the mountains and, the fish, at least are bringing back a little of home.

That's who I am and I am hoping to get to know lots of you. I have been impressed at what I have seen and hope to be an active member. I hope you don't mind questions...I ask a lot!!

Thank you so much!
Kelly Berrigan
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Don't worry, most of what I do is ask :) Welcome to the forum! We are so glad to have you :)
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Welcome to the forum wish4coner, its great to have you join us here ! Ask as many questions as you like there are many willing members here who are always happy to answer questions and help out anyway they can. I agree fish are make me feel peaceful too. Enjoy !
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I am somewhat new here, since I was asked to take care of a fish for the winter. It was all new to me. (when the owner saw how well he was upgraded, they said "he's yours") I now have a few. You found the site with the most caring of members!! You are a very welcome addition!! :)
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Hello Kelly

Welcome to the forum. We're glad to have you aboard.
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