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Betta Pugnax compatibility specifics

Greetings. I have been advised that I'll have a chance to purchase some Betta pugnax at auction tomorrow. I'm aiming to give them a tank of their own in time. I have 6 10s, a 15, and 3 20 high tanks that are empty at the moment waiting for me to set up my fish room. Until that happens (sometime this fall, probably), I would have to put these in a community tank.

My options:
1) A 33 high with Guppies, Platies, Cories, a Clown Pleco, and a small SAE.
2) A 25 with a school of neons (7 or 8), some wild mollies (5 or 6, about 1.5") and an albino Bristlenosed pleco.

I can rule out any of my other tanks as having either the wrong water, very active and potentially nippy fish, predators, or a full bioload.

Do either of the communities I listed have the potential to house a half dozen juvenile B. Pugnax for 3 months or so? Howsabout a trio of adults?

My last resort is I have a 10 gallon with 2 ottos and 3 female bettas (who beat 4 of their tankmates to death). I could sell these violent babes at auction and set the pugnaxes up in there temporarily.

What say?
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They should be just fine in either thank. Personally I'd put them in the 25, but only cuz it sounds less busy. They're pretty much peaceful although they can get a little mean when breeding.
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