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Bettas should be used to make a community of Bettas 2 4.26%
Bettas should be used to make a community with other fish 10 21.28%
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Old 04-25-2013, 01:19 PM   #31 
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I also appreciate people being honest with me and explaining that I am wrong.... (of course it doesn't happen too often) :)
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What you are trying to protect your fish from by using salt such as bacteria, ich and other parasites.. the longer they are exposed to salt the more immune they become to the salt. So in time those parasites and bacteria you are trying to prevent will be fine with the salt - the salt won't help cure the ailments it's meant to as there will be a resistance to it. So you will end up having to use harsh medications.. add harsh medications that are not all too good for the fish's sensitive organs to a fish who already has compromised organs due to over exposure to salt is basically a death sentence. Salt it not ideal, not needed and is slowly killing the animals. And live plants don't tolerate salt either..
Some people use salt, some don't.. it's recommended by wet vets not to use it. I prefer to go off of people who have researched it, who have studied it such as the vets and biologists.

As mentioned, you want those numbers at 0. Spikes in those numbers will easily kill them.

I did a google search and typed in "Care for a betta fish" - first thing that popped up was this guide, which seems really good. There is a good basic set up recommendations and great "tips" on the bottom. I suggest reading it to get an idea of what we are talking about.

You mean well for your fish and you love them.. which is good. A 20 gallon is a start - keep your male in the 5 gallon and then move the 4 females to the 20g. Keep 1 snail in each tank and all should be fine. The pleco I would rehome if 20 gallons is all you are planning on getting.

We talk from experience, from lots of research.. I have been raising fish of all types for 20 years, I breed bettas and have hundreds of them. We have some knowledge and we tell you these things so you understand. They may seem fine now, but it won't always be that way. Things change and happen in an instant when dealing with fish in aquariums. Especially with fish that have special needs such as bettas.

If you have added all those fish in the last 5 days, your tank is soon going to have a massive crash in both the cycle (bacteria will die) and a huge ammonia spike - both will kill your fish in a matter of minutes to hours. Adding a lot of fish at once to an aquarium is not wise - especially one of that size.

As for the page you got your information.. that looks like it's just a young person who put it together and has a lot of misinformation. I laughed at this they wrote - "Pellets. Unless starved past sanity, a betta will not eat pellets either." That is just too funny.. pellets are the main staple for pet bettas.. *shakes head*

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Old 04-25-2013, 01:52 PM   #33 
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Well half the problem was that it is Marine salt, which I had commented on before. Aquarium salt and marine salt are two very different things, but also as stated before, the OP isn't listening.

Also, I don't see where names were being called? Regardless, if you want your fish to be happy, please listen to us and soak in every ounce of good information we have to give to you. I realize that you have the potential to be a great fish keeper but you were misguided so we are here to get your back on track.

I agree with Myates post of where to place your fish (females in the 20 and the male gets the 5 to himself) I hope you can understand we are all just very worried and we want to see you and your fish strive for the highest!
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Old 04-25-2013, 02:00 PM   #34 
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Um..The website only says aquarium salt. Where did you get marine salt from?
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Old 04-25-2013, 02:07 PM   #35 
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op, i looked at a lot of different websites when i brought my betta home, and i know that there's a lot of conflicting information out there. anyone with some very basic computer knowledge can make a website and post whatever information they want on it, which is both a blessing and a curse on the internet. the reason i stick around and ask advice here is because it's a big, active community with a lot of knowledgable users- yes, sometimes people here disagree about the small stuff, but having a lot of people pooling their experience means that the basic information people are giving you, having been confirmed by many many owners and breeders, is much more reliable than one person's personal opinions. please read what they are saying carefully, read the sticky posts at the top of the different forums about the basics of betta care, and think very hard about how much of that $300 you're willing to risk. a fish tank with a bunch of dead fish in it is a giant waste of money, even putting humane treatment of animals aside.
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Old 04-25-2013, 02:15 PM   #36 
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I acknowledge what you guys are saying and really appreciate all you guys advice, that's why I joined this community in the first place to be around great knowledgeable fish lovers like you all. I promise you guys everything I am doing is with the best interest of my fishy at heart, I love them all so much. I know I am going to make mistakes along the way as I learn to keep an aquarium, I've only had this 5 gallon since 4/18/13 about 8 days only. I really like talking to all on here, please realize I am new and will make mistakes, and I will get better with experience, I'm happy to say every fishy in my tank is presently healthy and I will do my absolute best to keep it that way. I will be uploading more pics today if you all would like to see them feel free to just click on my name, and once again thanks to all who want to help me make my fishy and me happy.
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Old 04-25-2013, 04:20 PM   #37 
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I checked out your Atlantis One link and am in agreement with everyone else. A five gallon tank for the stock you have is entirely inadequate. Male bettas should not be kept with females in a five gallon tank under any circumstances. Either your male will harm your females or your females will harm your male. There is also the chance of your females turning on each other. There is simply not enough space for them to live in peace. They may look "happy" now, but you could come home to dead fish at any moment.

Your pleco, "Mr. Clean" as you call him, is probably dirtying up the water more then actually cleaning the tank. Plecostomuses are notoriusly for putting out a ton of waste. There is the common misconception that plecos live to eat waste like some magical vaccum fish and new fishkeepers often fall for it. But in reality, they really like vegetables and driftwood and don't even eat a whole lot of algae. Depending on what species you have, they can grow to two feet long. You're talking 60 or more gallons for a fish that large and they grow quickly.

Unless you're changing the water every two or three days, the water parameters are going to become foul very, very quickly.

Also, your tank profile says you plan to add danios and tetras as well? Your tank is already overstocked. Please DO NOT get any more fish. Especially not active schooling fish like tetras and danios that need to be kept in large groups.

And dried bloodworms should only be fed as treats, not the only thing you feed your bettas. Sure, they love them. But too much of it causes constipation and other digestive problems for your fish. I highly recommend a good brand of betta pellets like Omega One for regular feedings. The source you cited for where you got your betta care information does not seem very well informed.

The poll should say enough by itself (even though the way the answers are worded makes it a little skewed). Bettas do best by themselves or in a community with other peaceful non-betta species. The exception is an all-female sorority of at least four female bettas in at least a ten gallon tank.

If you want to keep your fish healthy and happy, I really suggest you listen to all the advice that have been given and work towards improving the conditions you are keeping your fish in, instead of just "acknowledging" their words and then continuing to do what people are telling you not to do.

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Old 04-25-2013, 04:27 PM   #38 
fish keeper 2013
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Originally Posted by Trunkzdbz View Post
betta water Check out this website one of many that is specifically about Betta care it clearly states at the bottom of the page this and I qoute "Salt. Yes, bettas are not marine fish, but they do love a bit of salt in their water and it also prevents parasites and fungus. Add 1 tablespoon of aquarium salt, or rock salt per 5 gal of water (not table salt!!!! They are bettas, not pretzels!!). Now a day, I actually put 1 teaspoon per 10 gal. What that means is that you can play around a bit with your salt amount, and I have found that anything between 1 teaspoon per 10 gal to 1 tablespoon per 5 gal works. "
How many instances have you found of such recommendation? If you did lots of research you would have found tons of opinions, and I can garuantee that most if not all but your example said that bettas don't do good with marine salt in their tank.
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fish keeper 2013
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Originally Posted by Fenghuang View Post
Also, your tank profile says you plan to add danios and tetras as well? Your tank is already overstocked. Please DO NOT get any more fish. Especially not active schooling fish like tetras and danios that need to be kept in large groups.
Not only that but the profile mentioned a plant to add a black moor. A goldfish... In an overstocked 5 gallon tropical tank...

Sorry for the double post I don't know how to quote two people in one post

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Old 04-25-2013, 04:38 PM   #40 
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Of course beginners make mistakes, everyone understands that and nobody is condemning you for being a beginner. They are trying to show you your mistakes so that you can correct them before you hurt your fish. If you want to do what is in your fishes best interest then you should take the advice of the many knowledgeable and experienced keepers who would very much like to help you. If you love them then surely it will sting you to see then die, which is the inevitable result should you not make the aforementioned changes to your husbandry techniques.

Marine salt is simply incompatible with continuing successful osmoregulation in the system of your freshwater fish. Freshwater fish, like bettas and plecos maintain a hypertonic system to their freshwater habitat whereas saltwater fish maintain a hypotonic system to their saltwater habitat. A freshwater fish is continuously absorbing water from their environment and, in order to maintain the proper internal equilibrium, constantly passing large quantities of dilute urine, filtered through the kidneys. The kidneys of the freshwater fish are not adapted to passing concentrated urine, such as that passed by saltwater fish. The fish cannot regulate itself when continuously exposed to a salty (hypertonic) external environment. Over time excess minerals will strain the kidneys of the fish, ultimately causing them to shut down. This is why salt, and especially marine salt, which is specially formulated to mimic the environment of the ocean, is not good for your bettas. It will eventually kill them, if the already improper environment you've placed them in doesn't first.

I know you believe that your fish are healthy, and indeed they may at this time appear to be, but the situation you have placed them in is like a ticking time bomb, if one factor doesn't kill them the other one will. And having maintained your aquarium for only a short period of time how can you really determine the health of your fish? When I was new to fishkeeping I would not have been able to. I relied on the guidance of reliable resources and experienced keepers to help me. I recommend you do the same.
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5 gallon betta aquarium

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