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Unhappy Old beta loosing color, not eating, lethargic and boated

Hello all,
I have had my beta fish for four years now.
About three weeks ago I noticed he hasn't been actively looking for food when I feed him, and a week from now he hasn't been eaten anything. so I think he probably hasn't eaten anything for almost 3 weeks. He also stopped moving around and he stays in the bottom hidden. The gills movement also seem very slow.
He is in 1 gallon tank, with pebbles and a plastic plant. I usually changed the water every two weeks, but lately I have been changing the water every 3 weeks. I use tap water, use water conditioner and half teaspoon of marine salt. I usually prepare it 24hours before the water change.
I feed him with dry pellets, which usually he accepts really well. I don't have a heater, so the water remains at room temperature which is usually around 72 degrees.
I have to accept that the water wasn't really clean, and yesterday when I was changing the water I noticed that he has kind of a blister (his skin forms like a bubble) at his tail fin, just where the body ends. It seems like an infection, and the bottom part of the body, under the mouth, is turning white-ish.
I treated him with Jungle fungal clear, and it has been in that treatment that for almost 40 hours. I also did read that could be swimming bladder problems and actually his tail seem to be heavier for him. Also he is a little bloated, but I just noticed it today. He is no pooping, but it can be just because he hasn't eaten.
Some times he seems to be resting a little in one side.

I prepared fresh water with fungus clear today and I planning to change the water tomorrow morning or part of it. And also decrease the level of water so he can get air more easily.

I don't know what else to do. I know that he is an old folk but I don't want him to suffer plus he has been with me so long.

Please help!!!
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You had him for 4 yrs so your doing most things well. I change the water in my 1g containers 100% every 3 days. Seachem paragurd is a good med for external infections at least for me. Good luck maybe more experienced member can be more help.
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One my of my Betta's is turning 5 years tomorrow. Most Betta live up to 2-3 years. 4 years is pretty old. They begin to get slower and less active as they use to be when they are older. No worries, my oldest Betta does the same. Just give him time.
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bloated, infection, letargic, not eating, old betta

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