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fish mates? to do or not

hello someone has givin me a betta fish a male and i need to get i bigger tank for him but i was woundering about what kinds of fish mates do really well with them and if a male and a few females (like two) with the male would get a long i just dont want him to get lonely
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First, fish do not get lonely.

However, your Betta is an excellent community fish. Keeping it with females can prove difficult, as can keeping it with other members of the Gourami family. Outside of that, most community fish will mix well, provided they are not known to nip fins.
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Well, some fish do get lonely, but bettas aren't one of them. They prefer to be on their own and are quite territorial.

Male bettas DEFINITELY cannot be kept with any other bettas, either male or female, so you can't add two females.

Depending on the size of the tank some bottom dwellers would work well. I wouldn't add any other fish in a tank under 10 gallons, but in a 5 gallon you could add some shrimp and/or snails.
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