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Originally Posted by WolfHhowling View Post
Ouch, just make sure you include shipping in with what you charge. Ok. That way your not put out. :)
I plan to. :) Plus, I gotta get some money saved up for stuff for college and to buy some fishy meds, since my LFS will be super far away once I go to college.

Originally Posted by registereduser View Post
nerites are $3-$4 each at the store. shipping can be $12-$15. it's worth it if you really can't find any locally.

maybe you can sell some back to a LFS or get store credit.

Don't count your snails before they are hatched, though!
I got my nerites for about $2, so if I were to charge for the babies, I was thinking about asking for anywhere between $0.50 to $1 depending on the size and how generous my buyers want to be. :)

I might look into selling some back to my LFS though! I don't know if they would take them, but it would be nice to get some store credit.

There are a lot of them, so I'm hoping most will hatch and be okay.

Originally Posted by AyalaCookiejar View Post
Registereduser is very nice and sent me my Nerite in the mail awhile back with just some insulation and a ziplock bag and it worked just fine :)

If its warm enough, you don't need heat packs. I'm really not sure about shipping but I know it goes by weight. If you've ever had a fish shipped to you, you'll know that they are shipped in very small bags with a small amount of water and roughly 3/4ths of the bag is just air trapped tightly. I usually pay about $6 for shipping.

I'm definitely interested if they hatch. I love my Nerite and need one for my sorority tank but the only place near here that sells them is an LFS about an hour away. :( I can't drive there on my own because I'll get lost and with my crazy school/work schedule and their early closing times, I don't ever have the time to get down there.
It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to ship them. It is pretty warm now, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

I definitely love my nerites. They're so efficient. I'll be keeping a few, I think. xD One for my siblings' fish, one for my baby, and I might keep some just to keep breeding them. If it all goes well, that is.
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