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Old 07-15-2008, 08:09 PM   #1 
Madeline Grace
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can somebody tell me...

I want to know if i can buy another betta to go with my male betta...i just got him yesterday and he's the happiest thing ever since! I saved him from walmart, but i want to give him a companion. I'm not sure if its safe to buy him a female because i'm not sure if she'll fight him. he looks awful lonely but my grandfather told me that they are solitary fish. Somebody have an answer or suggestion?
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You cannot put two males together or they'll kill each other. Males and females should not be put together except for spawning.He'll be fine by himself.You can get another betta, put it in a separate container and put them where they can see each other. They'll flare at each other for awhile but they get used to seeing each other and quit after awhile.
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he will be fine on his own. thats how they live in the wild since they are so sensitve about their teritory.
but if you do plan on dividing a tank for two bettas, it must be at least 5 gallons; 2.5 gallons for each
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If you have a big enough tank (over 10 gallons) some small, peaceful fish that do not have long flowing fins such as mollies, platties, cory cats, or tetras should work. Shrimp and snails can be kept with a betta in a smaller tank. Just make sure that you have a back up plan in case your betta decides that he does not want companionship after all!
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