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Question Food hoarding??? And color question!

I was wondering why my new guy started hoarding his pellets the last two days? I feed him Hikari Betta Bio-Gold pellets that I soak in tank water to soften for a couple minutes. First week I had him he took right to them but my daughters betta took a a while to give in and eat them. Because I always have leftover bloodworms, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp from feeding my ADF's i bring them as treats to feed by hand to the Bettas. Wally eats most things I give him no issue. But this guy just recently started rejecting anything except the blood worms. I realize I could have spoiled him so I stopped the bloodworms with him 2 days ago. He gets Nutrafin MAx Betta flakes to supplement his finicky eating. but I stopped that also to see if he is just testing his will against mine. Anywho... why is he taking his food in his mouth the the groves on the top of this mask then spitting them out onto it? Is this because he may think his food supplies are stopping?
Also I don't know if you can tell in this pic but he has perfectly spaced black dots down all of his fins (his face is black ). I don't see anything anywhere about that being a disease but just checking if you guys think this is is coloration or an issue?
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My blue/red dragon betta has red dots on some of his crowns. It's just part of his coloration. This may be the same here since it fits his color theme.

Keep trying to feed him those pellets. He won't starve after 2 days. I've had females that even ignore the pellets after I first bring them home. I don't give up easy and after 3 or 4 days they're eating them and loving them. Nearly all my females have been that way.

If you want to feed him mostly brine shrimp that should be pretty adequate and I never have trouble feeding that. It has the fiber they need and other things. Another good option is live flightless fruit flies. They'll love those. What you want is to give them some fiber in their diet. Wild bettas eat mosquito larva and bugs.
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Well I'm all about feeding the best foods possible! I've even employed my daughter to help me hatch silkworms( not easy!) 200 at a time for another pet so I'm happy to find whatever non manufactured foods they would be healthiest eating. My daughters Betta loves the bloodworms, brine shrimp, and sometimes the mysis shrimp and always all of the pellets. Mine is newer to our family so he spits the shrimp out and usually the pellets too. What would be the best possible foods? whatever is best for longer healthier lifespans?
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I have never heard of Bettas food hoarding but they are amazing little fish so who knows, Perseus always finds way to surprise me. Your guy looks so much like my CT Betta Perseus and he is the same colors so the black dots I do believe is just part of his coloring and nothing to worry about, he is a beauty !

Omega One Betta pellets are a very good brand from what I hear. New Life Spectrum Betta pellets are also a very good brand and those are the one I use since my local pet shop doesnt carry the Omega One.

The New Life Spectrum Betta pellets has garlic in them which I like since the garlic can help with keeping away any internal parasites and also the pellets are very small so he should be able to eat those without any problems and from what I hear Bettas really love the garlic taste they have. I am like you I want to feed my guy the best food possible. I hope this helps.
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Well he is hoarding for sure! Found a few on top and plenty hidden inside his mask hide. This is where he tends to sleep. I guess if I really think about goes right along with his paranoid personality lol. I think he is WAY too focused on survival and not play unlike the other Betta we have. I purchased several new plants today for him and hoping he finds security in them and can enjoy playtime more. I see he actually ate more of the pellets today then he did in the previous few days. I am winning battle of wills I think ;)
I'll try the ones with garlic and see what he thinks. Thanks!
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