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Does fin rot bacteria live on in a sponge filter (want to move to a new tank)

My fish Zeus probably bit his tail pretty badly he had some splits but I got up two days ago to a fish with a lot of tail missing. I think some recent changes I made around his tank caused this. I had Perseus nearby and I moved him I didn't think he could see because he was on a higher surface than him. I also made lighting changes. I preparing an new tank set up so I am moving things/fish as needed.

I don't think he has fin rot yet but I am concerned it will evolve into that. I have a 5 gallon for him but I am wondering if there is any fin rot bacteria if it will move with the filter to the new tank. I am treating with AQ salt and doing water changes.

BTW I asked this question in habitat but I didn't get much of a response so I am reposting here.
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Fin rot isn't a pathogenic disease jada. its called an 'opportunistic bacteria'
A bacteria that lives on and inside your fish, helping them digest things and keep them shiny suddenly becomes something bad. This can be due to illness weakening the fish or perhaps other bacteria it lives with dies out and it overbreeds suddenly gets out of control and hits levels the animal's immune system can't keep at bay.

You cant take this bacteria away as it will severely hurt your fish, it helps him live. The best you can do is keep him happy and healthy with a good diet and water and he will look after the rest.
In fact people pay lots of money to probiotic companies to put this bacteria inside their bodies to keep them from getting ill.

That being said if the filter was ever used with a PATHOGENIC disease being in the tank that CAN spread.

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