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Planning my first NPT


:I Ok, so I have some questions about attempting a NPT.

1. I have a 10g, heated tank (with a tetra whisper filter that came with the kit). It came with LED lights, but I knew it'd be difficult to maintain a NPT (without shellin' out some major bucks to supply myself with some LEDs made to grow plants), so I recently purchased a new hood. This hood is for fluoroscent lights. It appears to be a single 15watt bulb set up.
( Link to the actual hood I bought)
I've already submitted a question to petco, but, since it doesn't seem to list the k, do you think this would be a low, moderate, or high light set up? (And also if I need to replace the bulb that came with it, only description given is that it's "full spectrum")

2. Where do YOU get your plants from? There isn't a lot of options where I live, to buy them locally. Aside from aquabidder, do you have any other suggestions/good experiences/bad experiences?

3. :I Hardest part for me. How do you get everything all at once to set up? My tank is currently set up and running as just a planted tank with gravel. (No fish). I read the sticky for NPT, and the author suggested putting everything in, same day. :I But, I'll have to order the plants I want, as well as snails/shrimp. LFS doesn't carry any red cherry shrimp or snails (That I saw). Do I try to plan for everything to arrive around the same timeframe?
I've never had shrimp or snails, so I do not have any experience on how they would do, waiting a day or two for their home-tank to be set up.
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Well, with one bulb at 15 watts I would say low/moderate light more towards the low but all is not lost.Ihave a hood on a 10 gal with 2 10 watt 6500k bulbs and that tank is thriving it is about what plants you pick, just stay away from the high light needing plants, I would look online for a bulb you can just type in 6500k however many inches long the bulb is and look at the results you should be good to go.

Ok where to get plants or or or ebay or aquabid and people in the classified on this forum sell plants

Ok you do not need to do everything at once sure it is nice if you had everything on hand to do so but I would not suggest adding fish and all at once there will be ammonia spikes and all sorts of things that happen the first few days so I would make sure if I did have fish in there were hardy fish and as far as shrimp go I would never put them in right away shrimp are very easy to kill with changing water chemistry I would only add shrimp to a fully cycled tank to increase their survival rate

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that light will work fine for most plants. sword anubas crypts mosses ferns and some stems. stay away from red plants. the k rating will be fine plants only neeed red blue and green to go through photo. most all lights provide what they need just in different amounts. the k rating is more for a color that the light gives off, personally i like 6.7k as it really brings out the colors in my tank.

just add things as you aquire them, i haven't read over this article but plan to after this. your plant is going to need some type of carbon source and nutrient source. a plant in a tank without fish is bound to die off eventually. i would go ahead and get a fish or two in there and pick up some more plants.
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newbie, npt

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