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So much

Why is that at the petstore bettas are like 2$ but online there like 20$?
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Because petstore bettas don't have documented pedigrees and can be heavily inbred or have underlying genetic issues that the petstore is unaware of. Their living conditions are less than acceptable and some can be sick right off the shelf. You usually see veiltails in petstores because in reality, veiltails are the result of inbreeding. Sometimes petstores near me will get plakats and dumbo ears and sell them upwards from $20.

Online bettas usually come from breeders, whom more often than not, know what they're doing. They can have documented pedigrees and only the best of the best are shown and sold for what they're worth.
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Old 05-02-2013, 12:42 AM   #3 
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it is because of the quality and color! veiltail is not popular anymore, and petstores usually order in quantity those cheap ones to supply to mass market!

compare the difference!
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Plus u never know with a petstore betta how old he/she is so U could be getting a geezer thats about to croak. I like knowing that my chum-chum was only 4.5mo when I got him, lets me know I SHOULD have plenty of time to enjoy him unlike poor Sushi (SIP) who was already getting grey around his gills when I got him from walmart. but he made it a year so I guess I should be happy he got to live out his days here with me instead of in the dreaded cup
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The gist:

You are paying for certain quality control measures in both the care of the betta and the care of the breeding (that often results in GORGEOUS fish) which you typically cannot guarantee from a pet store.

Random rambles:

When buying online, it's typically from a breeder or from a seller who has a direct supply line to reputable breeders. Either way, these people generally know everything (literally) about the fish they are selling.

At most pet stores, the price is cheaper (though still a hefty markup from what they actually pay wholesale) because the bulk of the betta trade there are veiltails, which are the very inexpensive to purchase for the store and their long fins and marketed "easy care" make them an ideal impulse purchase inventory item. You also obviously don't have to pay for shipping.

Also, keep in mind that when it comes to pet store animals, more often than not bettas are the most neglected. It's not uncommon to find bettas with varying degrees of fin rot, popeye, SBD and various genetic problems. Breeders and dedicated sellers often don't have a million other products to sell like PETCO or PetSmart, so their reputation and sometimes their livelihood depends on selling healthy stock.

Those tiny cups can be a real hassle to maintain and if the person responsible for taking care of them doesn't really care, things like bacterial infections can spread rapidly between all the fish. For instance, I recently saw a betta at a pet store covered with ick. Informed the employee on the floor and was met with a blank stare. A week later went back and saw two more bettas with ick. If I go back tomorrow, I will prob. see one or two more with ick.

Good breeders take extra measures to prevent something like this from happening, as they know shortcuts can result in disaster.

It costs more, yes, but many people will say it was worth the expense. However, keep in mind many members here have bought stunning, lively and healthy bettas from their LFS so it's always a good idea to check there once in a while.
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EmptyYourMindBeFormless, I could not have said better.

It's sort of a gamble with pet store fish. They may be wonderful fish, very healthy and beautiful. But you just don't know what you're getting in that gene pool if you were to breed.

So if you're weighing say an aquabid fish vs a LFS or chain pet store in your area it really is going to depend on your goal. Meaning, if you're only looking for a pet fish, no breeding or anything fancy then a pet store fish would be fine. If you want to breed then going through a breeder and paying good money is a better option. You generally get what you pay for.

There are exceptions though, as always. You aren't 100% promised a healthy fish from a breeder and you're not looking at a high rate of poor fish from a pet store every time either. Pet store fish can sometimes be breeding worthy as well. Some members here have found spectacular bettas at Petco.

That being said... I saw a betta on aquabid tonight that was bid at $500 and $1000 buy-it-now. That is waaaaay much for a fishie!! He was pretty though.
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