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I need advice

My friend gave me a red Betta as a gift several weeks ago. I got it an aquarium with air filter and keep it in distilled water no temperature guage. It has several plants and gravel in the tank. For the past few days it has been hanging out in the plants but yesterday and today it is hanging out on the bottom of the tank and only its gills are moving most of the time. What is wrong HELP!!!
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HOw much water have you been changing?

Instead of distilled water, try tap water with some aquasafe in it, but let it stand for a day before you use the water. Tap water has nutrients and other chemicals that actually help fish live. There's chlorine and other chemicals harmful to the fish that aquasafe help nuertralize.
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Most likely ammonia poisoning. What size aquarium is he in, and have you done a water change since you got him. Test for ammonia (using a liquid test kit). Even if you don't have a test kit now, I would recommend doing a 50% water change right away. Remember to use a good water conditioner (declorinator) and match the temp. of the replacement water with the temp. in the tank. If you tell me what size tank you have, I can recommend a good water change schedule for you. Oh, and do you have a gravel vacuum? You should vacuum the gravel when you do a water change to prevent buildup and potentially harmful bacteria. I think that there is a sticky somewhere in the "starting and maintaining a freshwater aquarium" section that talks about cycling that you should read. Do you know what an aquarium cycle is? If not this article will help you understand and be able to help your fish as your aquarium cycles.
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i would agree pick up a liquid test kit for ammonia so you can test the water regularly.
you also NEED a heater (5 watts per gallon). bettas are tropical fish and need the warm enviorment to thrive. this will probly help cure your betta's condition.
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I got an email from here and she's been doing 100% water changes.[/list]
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