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Dead Pleco over ate or killed by females?

Bought 2 barbed plecos last week and now 1 of them is dead this morning. Found it floating upside down under one of my plants and thought he was just clean it. Closer look and it was dead. Can these algae eaters over eat? Or would one or more of my girls have killed him? Thinking of buying 2 more but a lil bigger in size hopefully to deter the girls from bothering them.
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Idk about over eating, usually plecos die from not eating enough.
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He could of been ill from when you got him, since it's only been there for a week. Not uncommon for many pet store fish to die within a couple weeks of getting them.

Plecos need a ton to eat - make sure they get some wood and meat in their diet.. algae wafers are fine, but not a staple meal. They will even eat on live plants, usually you will want to supplement their diet with veggies such as cucumber, zucchini, spinach and romaine lettuce. They also love frozen foods such as brine shrimp and blood worms, freeze dried, etc. If you have the ones I'm thinking, they reach about 5 inches and do best in tanks 20g+. They produce a ton of waste, so keep up on the water changes.

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Quarantining new fish for a few weeks at least is a good idea. You can introduce things into your tank that make your other fish very ill.
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female betta sorority, pleco

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