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Hi?~ cx

Uh, hi.~ cx
I felt a need to post here. o.o Don't know why. But I suppose I need to make myself known more since I'm rather new here, so...yeah.~ cx
I'm Sierra. I'm 14, and I live in southern California. I love animals of all sorts, and I've kept dogs, cats, a bird, lizards, horses, mice, a ferret, and of course fish. Fish have always been huge hobbies of mine - my parents had a 100 gallon set up before I was even born, and I grew up watching everything in it interact and such. I was always fascinated, and I got my own tank at 5 years old. It was a little one gallon, and I kept a black moor goldfish in there. I loved him, haha.
I've since learned a lot about fish, and have successfully raised many - including a pair of Angelfish fry I found in a bag at the side of the road once (who grew up just fine and gave me more cute little fry, haha. I still have one of their great-grandchildren in one of my tanks.~) I also breed betta's regularly (although more for the experience, since most of my betta's are just cute Petco betta's and I have no idea what their genes are cx). I have 9 tanks now (a 30 gal. community & sorority, a 10 gal. community, a 10. gal guppy & mystery snail breeding tank, two 1.5 gal. betta homes, a 5 gal. betta fry tank, a 2 gal. betta vase, a 20 gal. puffer home, and a planted .5 gal. bowl with a cardinal tetra who sucks at recovering from ick, haha). Betta's have always been one of my favorite fish since I had Spectrum, a silver VT male with a rainbow-y shine, and Ocean, a male blue cambodian VT, at 7 years old. They were my first betta's, and everyone in my family enjoyed watching them flare at eachother through the glass. They died within a day of each other when I was 11 and afterwards I didn't get any more betta's. I only recently got back into them when I was watching a video I had got of the boys flaring at each other, and that's when I got Bleu and Ruka - and the rest of them came shortly after. ;)
I also work part-time at a great local fish store (clean the tanks for them, move fish from tank to tank and sort out the supplies for a couple dollars an hour, although they usually get the money back within a week since I shop there a lot, haha) and plan to get into marine biology as a career.~
In addition to fish-keeping, I love to write. I did NaNoWriMo this year (although miserably failed due to schoolwork) and am working on a novel in which my uncle can get published for me. lD And I do quite a few short stories and random works, like Galaxy's Light that I have posted here in the Art section. I also draw quite a bit, although mostly cats, wolves and fish and it's more a force of habit when I'm bored or don't really have anything better to do than a 'I love drawing' kinda thing. I do like drawing things for other people, though. ;3
So, uhh...I guess that's it. o.o;
Thanks for reading, I guess? lD

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Nice to meet you Sierra and welcome to the glad you found us and became a member.....
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Welcome to the forum, Sierra. Nice to meet you.
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JandE Pets
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know this post id 506 days old but i did a search on California and got this.Welcome to the form. if i may ask how far do you live from say Sacramento?
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