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Epsom salt dosage?

I have a betta who looks a little bloated in his stomach (not dropsy or anything like that, just doesn't seem to poop regularly) and he's been at the bottom with clamped fins. I fasted him yesterday and today. Nothing on the bottom of the tank.

I want to try epsom salt but I don't know how much to use. I have a 10 gal filtered, heated tank 80 degrees - was 78 but I turned it up.

Also, once I put the epsom salt in, can I leave it in until the next water change (about 5 days later I normally do a 50% water change) and if needed can I re-dose at half since I'll be taking half the water out and replacing it? How long is it safe for them to be in epsom salt?

I am feeding him NLS pellets, about 10-12 a day (he's a giant), and two bloodworms a week and he's been like this on and off since he came here in January. I stay away from flakes with him since he seems to have a slow digestive system. I've had to fast him a few times. Is there anything I should change or add into his diet?
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One of our most experienced and knowledgeable members, Byron Hosking, generally recommends against using salts:

If you must, the usual dosage for digestive problems is one (1) tsp/gal, changed frequently. You can treat indefinitely, but....

I like to try freeze-dried daphnia or brine shrimp as a laxative first

You might introduce live and frozen foods for the variety. Giants seem to have tender stomachs. Mine did.

Fasting is appropriate. A hungry fish is a healthy fish, as Byron likes to point out.
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5cc=5mL per gallon of EQ dissolved before pouring into tank.
you can find that measurement on the blue cap of an Aqueon product like Plant Food, Water Conditioner.

You can also ask your Pharmacist for a medication cup to measure it.
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