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Old 08-01-2008, 11:45 PM   #1 
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opinion on rescuing bette from bigchain petstores

i wanna get a small 2.5 gal tank to keep on my rack that my 15 is on after its cycled and such i wanna get a betta to keep in it while my lfs has wonderfully beautiful fish, but i want to give one from a big chain petstore a better chance at life. instead of their little half cup of water in a lidded container. whats is everyones opinion on getting one from a chain or should i get it from my lfs. this has really torn me because i don't want to propagate the sale of them in these conditions. now im no animal rights crazy (and my apologies to any that consider them ones) but i hate to see beautiful creatures in tiny plastic cups of water thats never changed :(
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i would get one from ur local petstore, that way u are supporting the correct treatment and care for bettas.

but on the other hand those bettas are just as fun in the cups as any betta they just need a chance.

ive gone both ways before. i got one from a tank at a small petstore, beautiful pure yellow betta

and now one from a cup which looks red and green, and almost mutt like. so its hard to say.

personally just get the fish u think is the best, not if its in a cup or not.
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Depends, I would not "buy" one from a big chain pet store. If you are experienced and know how to deal with betta diseases you could demand a dying one for free. That way they make no profit on a fish that they treated so cruely. If not, get one from your lfs. That way you are promoting proper treatment. It will also save you some headaches when you are out buying the fifth medication to try to save your rescue betta. I guess it all depends on your experience level, and the amount of energy and money you are willing to put into this.
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Do not buy one thinking it will improve anything. Purchasing a sick betta doesn't "teach" the chain store anything, aside from the fact that people will buy fish that are treated that way. You're saving one and condemning another to the same fate.

If you've got the know how to nurse one back to health that the store is willing to give away I'd say go for it, but don't pay for one.
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hmm...i only buy a fish if i feel liek i love it as soon as i look at it, regaurdless of what i'm "supporting" or not.
my beloved bagel is from petco. and she's one of the best things to ever happen to me. and my new betta is from a local pet store because he's a plakat and those arent at big stores.
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I would never support that part of the industry. Buying one doesn't "save" one fish, it simply encourages breeders to breed 10 more to take it's place. Plus, you'll end up with an older, unhealthier fish.

Here's a link to a thread on rescuing fish:
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