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I assume I should tear the tank down and start over?

My fish Nano is having fin loss and color fading. I have him a sterilite hospital container floating in his 5 gallon. In the process of doing this I accidentally stuck the container with labels on in the tank and they remained there at least 8-10 minutes. I've been up late pretty often doing water changes for fish and I was really, really tired.

In addition there's been some weird worm like thing spotted in his tank. I've been told it's probably planaria which is harmless. It seems to have disappeared with AQ salt but they can come back. The disease he has is not diagnosed but his fins are disolving in a lace like fashion and he has white color loss on his body and fins. I have found a fish in emergencies that had something that seems to be the same. The fish died (Search Holly). I'd like to clean the 5 gallon tank reduce the water level to about 3 gallons to make any water changes easier and start with antibiotic treatment. It doesn't seem like I'd be losing much from a cycle standpoint. I think the tank is not good for use in it's current condition. Do you think I am doing the right thing?
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Personally if your hospital tank is cycled I would say just do a 100% water change. Also those are not planarians, they are another type of worm that contribute to the natural cycle of your tank.

Planarians have an arrow like shape and aren't so small that you cannot tell their shape. Trust me if you had planarians in their you'd see them more as a small very weird snail than a tiny little worm. (I could be wrong but both in my high school and college Zoology course we worked with planarians and I have those white worms and they're defiantly Detritus worms. But I am not an expert lol)

But with the whole tank, if he's as sick as I picture him to be I would say just do 100% water changes to avoid harboring what ever is hurting him (but maybe wait for more advice to come your way)
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