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More of my girls

I had some luck getting some half-decent pics this week! I wasn't able to get any good ones of my male, D'Argo, he's just so shy now since his quarantine/treatment. :( Anyway, here are the girls. I love watching them all swim about, they are like living gemstones. (Oh, and still so far so good. Even with the addition of the new girl, basically next to no aggro. I have seen one flare, and the new girl had a whitish tear on her fin the first night, and she is still a wee bit standoffish, but there is really very little aggression.)

Lalla (that's not a white spot on her, it's the glass, and I don't think that's fin rot, I think she is developing black color to her fins, it's even on them all and not spreading/worsening. if someone disagrees, let me know!)

My favorite, Jerrica.

She's come a long way from this!

New Girl- She still needs a name. I am considering Vinca, Marilyn, Perdita, and Jadzia. None of them feel like "the" name, like the others' names did. She is a teal blue (sometimes cornflowery) with pastel irid in differing shades (pink, purple being the predominant) to her fins. SHe also has subtle dalmation spots to her fins, which are hardly noticeable with the lighting.

With Jerrica

How can I top this photo of Amalthea? She is by far the most photogenic of the girls. Plus, she loves to investigate and strike a pose.

Okay pic of Jullanar. She is shy, but less so with the addition of 2 new plants and the new girl. She is coming out more, and striping less. Still stays in the back though. She's not bloated like that photo makes her look, that's a trick of the flash.

Rayleigh- I wish I could get a good one like Amalthea of Rayleigh. She is gorgeous. She has just about every color of the rainbow on her somewhere. And her fins are getting spikes now, not quite CT level, but definitely noticeable.

Finally, Razz. To be so pretty (perhaps the prettiest in the tank), she sure is hard to get a good pic of. I've found red to be the most difficult to catch accurately.

Thanks for looking!
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Old 05-02-2013, 08:54 AM   #2 
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Location: texas
cool!!! how many gallons is your sorority?
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Old 05-02-2013, 09:02 AM   #3 
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Location: tn
20 gallons. Pretty sweet present from hubby. :)
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They're gorgeous! I'm badly wanting a sorority of my own....
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