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Where do I get......

We are currently feeding our boy Hikari Bio gold mini pellets, which he loves. He gets 3 twice a day, which he inhales and then looks at us miserably like we haven't fed him at all. Is it true that its not such a great quality food? Should we be feeding him something else? I have heard a lot of talk about Omega, but I can't find it anywhere online, or locally. And also what is Daphnia? I have just read that freeze dried is also bad, so have thrown our bloodworms away. What do you all recommend for treats?
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I feed New Life Spectrum and Adisons. Once or twice a week as a treat they get frozen bloodworms. Not freeze dried.

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The best way to tell if a food is good quality or not is by looking at the first three ingredients. The first three are what the food is mostly made of. Things like wheat flour, wheat meal, and soybean meal are fillers and aren't able to be digested by the fish. Ingredients you can identify as being real meat are what you want. Omega One brand has whole herring, halibut, and shrimp as the first three ingredients, so it's a high quality food. New Life Spectrum is just as good but more expensive and a much bigger container. But fish food does expire! So unless you have lots of Bettas, a small jar of Omega One might be best. I have 5 Bettas and the small jar of Omega One is working well n_n I even have a King boy who eats nearly twice as much as my regular sized boy and I still have plenty of food to go around. But I do have two other types of pellets and a jar of flakes as backup foods (foods I don't feed anymore) just in case I run out. So don't throw away your old food unless it expires. It can be good to have if you can't get to a store when you run out.

Daphnia are mosquito larvae. And freeze dried foods can cause constipation and bloaing, so most people recommend feeding frozen if you are going to feed live (killed) foods.

Frozen bloodworms and frozen daphnia are probably the best treats for Bettas. Just make sure to break the frozen cubes into smaller pieces and thaw in a cup of tank water before putting them in. You don't have to feed it all at once. And probably shouldn't because it would be way over feeding. Just a few bloodworms is good for one Betta. Or a pinch of daphnia.
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Daphnia are NOT mosquito larvae, they are their own species, commonly called Water Fleas. Mosquito larvae are mosquito larvae. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

Freeze dried foods can cause constipation, true, but if you soak them before feeding it's much less likely.

Daphnia are the best thing to give for a constipated or bloated betta as the shells serve as roughage and help to get things moving in the digestive tract. I don't feed them regularly, but i do feed frozen bloodworms, mysis shrimp, and brine shrimp, as well as occasional live whiteworms and live daphnia.
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