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Unhappy Hair?

I purchased a veiltail yesterday with severe finrot that I thought I could save + he's blue with yellow fins so I had to buy him. This morning, I noticed that there's a hair like thread hanging on the underside of his gills. It looks exactly like a hair and hangs vertically like a third ventral under his jaw. I can't get a picture since it's soooo thin, but it doesn't look like an anchor worm or any other worm like parasite.

I'm starting to think it might actually be a hair, I'm using a fungus med that I dissolve in water and my hair is contastly coming loose and I noticed that when I was dissolving the meds in a small container prior to placing it in the tank, that there was a hair floating in it. Now I'm wondering if a strand of hair found it's way into his gills somehow?

Any thoughts would be appreciated, parasite, hair, opinions on removal or just waiting it out.

^I'm cautious to remove it since it's in the gills, if it was anywhere else it would have been removed when I first saw it.
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I have found my hairs floating in the tank once or twice. If I see them, I remove them, but it's feasible for a fish to eat one. I'd expect the hair, if it's an actual hair that fell in and he ate, that it will eventually be absorbed, or rejected, by the body. If it's absorbed, it'll slowly disappear. If it rejects it, it will slowly work itself out.

I'd wait it out, but watch it carefully for signs of infection, blockage, eating or breathing trouble, or if the hair wiggles or anything like that (ie a parasite).
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Someone had a fish get a piece of a plant stuck in his gills. She removed it with tweezers.... Maybe it was Sena Hansler? You might want to send her a PM and ask.
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well he's acting fine, better than fine really since he doesn't have a caudal fin due to fin rot, the mysterious string is just hanging there, never wiggles or anything, it's extremely odd looking, I'll keep an eye on it and see, but hopefully it'll fix itself.
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usually the hair will just come out itself
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