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Question Trouble shooting for fish sitter..?

I plan to be away a lot throughout the next 4-6 months and I am trying to get everything figured out for my fish sitter in advance before any problems arise. I have waay too many tanks for her to care for while I'm gone so I want to not over load her with stuff thats too complicated but I want to make sure this is OK for the fish before I write out directions. I know she isn't familiar with water changes and all of this is new to her. I am wondering because I have so many tanks and some are pretty big doing all is just not likely going to happen. Would it be okay for the trips that are longer then 1 week( maybe 8-15 days) if I could do all water changes right before I leave then instruct her to dose the tanks after about 7-9 days with prime..?? She can come 5-6 days/week for the feedings a light maintinence. But will the fish be ok without a water change for 2 weeks? I've never done that and I don't want to "test" it just to find out. Would prime be needed or is this even a safe option? Any safety advice before I write out instructions?
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Some tanks can go 2 weeks with no water changes & minimal feedings. It depends how big the tanks are, the stocking, filtration & how established it is. Prime will only detox the water for 24-48 hrs so I wouldn't rely on it & it depends what the water parameters are, it'll only detox to certain level. When I left for 2 weeks I had a 10g tank with 6 fish; 4 female Bettas, 2 CAE's & it had only been set up about about a month or so, I did a good water change before I left & told the house sitter to only feed every 2-3 days & I did a water change when I got back. Everyone was fine. If my tank was 5g or less I may have had the sitter do water changes on those. Remember fish can go long periods of time without food so if you only have them fed minimally that will help cut down on the waste produced.
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Yea, I was thinking about the smaller tanks just now. I think I have 3 of them that are 6gallons or less and maybe thats easy to do a small water change on. And probably less food for the Bettas is a good idea. I still need her to come over often as I don't trust my cichlids to go longer without supervision lol. Even when they get bumped up to a larger tank I know they need a close eye. Perhaps water testing and small changes can be done every other day on the smaller tanks.
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