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what more do I need for plants?

I have 2 5gs that I would like to plant the 5gs have a 6500w bulb (flourescent) I need to know what can grow under that amount of light! I have a gravel substrate. Do I need to have root tabs and flourish comp I've heard people talking about them but I don't really know what they do or what they are!

also I'm getting a 3g off of craigslist that comes with LED lights and I just wanted to make sure I can't grow plants with them. I'm gonna upgrade the light soon to maybe a T5 or whatever light can support high light plants! I really like the way dwarf hair grass and ludugia (not sure how to spell that) look so I think they would be great for the little girl I'm gonna get from my cousin
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6500 watts? Are you sure?? Is it 6500k? If so I need to know how many watts it is. Root tabs and fertilizer depends on your plants. It is all about balance. High light and no fertilization will promote algae. Light amount, fertilization, and co2 levels must balance out.

I know nothing about the tank you bought off craiglist so I can't help you with that.
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LED is usually really bright and from my understanding can really be great for a planted aquarium. As for the florescent, what you want to look at is Kelvins. I think what you meant is that it is 6500K (I'm pretty sure a 6500W light would cook a fish... and a person :p), which depending on the size of the bulb is probably 20-30W. (anyone correct me if I am wrong)

As far as root tabs and water column ferts goes, it depends on the plant. My water wisteria, for example, loves the flourish excel and comprehensive, but my jungle vals severely melt with the excel. Also, some plants are incapable of absorbing water column ferts and will need root tabs either way. Some plants can really only thrive with CO2, so make sure you are prepared to deal with the care level of the plant. It basically comes down to researching each individual plant, finding its needs, and then seeing where/how you might be able to compromise or deciding to go for something else. :p
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