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The only story I have was from the other day. I was doing a water change, and since I don't have a bucket to siphon the water out into, I siphon it into an old 4 gallon fish bowl. Usually, I just fill it like I would if I were to put fish in it, since I know I took out about 4 gallons, and I never really fill the tank all the way anyway, so that's about half. Well, I wasn't paying attention to how much water was in the bowl, and it overflowed. I didn't notice until about a minute after I had heard it overflowing, since I thought it was just the siphon sucking the water and putting it into the bowl that was making that noise. Nope. It took forever to mop up all the water, and it was really hard to move the bowl from my room to the kitchen to dump it.
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I once cleaned out the goldfish tank filter and put it back into the tank. Unfortunately, at the time I did not realise that I had not stuck the suction cap onto the glass properly.

Anyway, later that night I come downstairs and hear this noise like running water. I go tearing down the stairs and turn on the light to find my filter tilted at an angle and spraying water directly out onto our sheet flooring. It must have sprayed at least 20 gallons of water out before I realised. It took forever to clean up and the sheet flooring swelled a little in places, and I destroyed the doors on mum's new Ikea cupboard because they started bowing due to water exposure (it was on the floor and got a direct hit).

Since then, I have been a lot more careful about how hard I press down on the suction caps.

I am always spilling water on my racks or on my carpet. I give up at ever making it through water changes without some kind of spill occurring!
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