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i dont think my betta likes me how can i help him to like me if i can i just got him or her on august 9,2008 i cant tell if its a boy or girl i have a little plant for him it came with a water lily should i have something diff or keep it the same i have no idea how to take care of a betta fish i read and stuff but i dont think im doing it fight
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hello shiny24
could you tell us a little more about your Bettas tank please.
is it heated.
do you use dechlorinator when you change the water.
what is the size of the tank it is in.
thank you. :)
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hey congradulations on your new fish :)

here is a betta care link to check out

what size is your tank? it should be at least 2.5 gallons with a Heater (thats a must) and filters make it eaisier. If you use tap water you have to add conditioner or else your betta will die.

male bettas (unless a plaket betta) would have big, colerful fins that he stickes up and when exited males flare their gills out. the females tend to be smaller, somtimes less colorful and have much shorter fins
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if it has long fins it is a male, if its a female it will have a small white dot under it on its belly (for eggs)... some males can have these though...

do you have well water or city water? if its city water you need to either age or dechlorinate the water, if well i would reccomend aqua safe water conditioner by tetra. its not expensive and it will really help your fish.

what size tank and what do you feed/how much? what is the water temp? they need stable warm temperatures between 74 and 82 degrees best is around 78. and as long as the plant is not plastic (they need silk/soft so they wont rip their fins) and he can hide in it or lean against it, he sould be fine. they dont like bright light and they like hiding spots.
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