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Old 05-03-2013, 06:33 PM   #1 
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What could be wrong with him?

I saw a dragonscale king that I really wanted to get, he had such a cool coloring- dark silvery metallic with burgundy spots on his fins. But, he looked very sickly. I was still going to get him, but decided against it, as I was also getting two females, and they'd be in QT, and thus, I'd have to get another tank/heater for him (only have two tank/heater combos).

He didn't seem able to straighten out his back end, nor swim with it much. He made quick darts, occasionally, to the surface to breathe, but otherwise layed, nearly sideways, on the bottom in a curled lump. He was very clamped, slightly bloated, and seemed to just look frightened/stressed in general. Since I wasn't sure what was wrong, I left him. However, now I'm having second thoughts. What could be the possible issue? If I had an idea, I might talk myself into it.

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maybe you should talk to a vet or a pet smart staff member or something. i don't know much about this stuff.
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Blue Fish
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There are a lot of different reasons a betta can have a curved spine. The most common is an accident when they were younger the resulted in a broken or bent back, and they healed wrong. Another is a genetic deformity. The third, and the one that is the most frightening, is that the betta could have Myco. This awful disease causes a curved z-shape to the spine and is incurable, very hard to get rid of, and very contagious.

As for his other symptoms, horrible petstore cup care is probably the culprit. :(

I won't be heartless and tell you to leave him...but the possibilities of being able to save him are very slim...and he could very well transmit some nasty things to your other fish if you aren't very, very careful with your QT. :( I've found that most this sick I try to save just can't take the stress of coming home and even dealing with acclimation, no matter how gentle.

I'm sorry. :(
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most likely it's just bad water conditions. I've gotten some bettas from the lfs weak from bad water... they usually perk up and swim around normally in a few days...
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He was still there today, no worse, no better. If he is still there when the new girls finish their QT, I will get him. I don't think it's Myco. I think he'd be gone by now if it were that. I think it's genetic or an injury. I noticed today that towards the front top of his caudal fin, which is kind of where he starts sagging, there is a single gray scale and that part of the fin is torn. I am thinking maybe an injury?
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