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And don't you know that it's just you; Hey Jude, you'll do

My little grumpy-faced Jude is getting older and older, so as I try to mentally prepare myself for the day he stops swimming I figured I should immortalize him with pictures! And yes, he is named after the Beatles song. :3

When I walked into the pet store shortly after school started for the year, I already knew I wanted a betta. I had the tank all set up, I had done my research and I was prepared to wait weeks until the perfect fish showed up. I wasn't fond of veiltails, or red bettas, so of course that is exactly what Jude ended up being. The store had the most lively bettas I had ever seen, in large cups that they assured me were changed out daily. Instead of lying on the bottom passively waiting to die, the bettas were swimming up and down, flaring and reacting to the humans walking around. I was impressed, to say the least. And then I saw my Jude staring at me and I knew I had to buy him immediately.

My favorite picture of him I've ever taken. Such a grumpy expression!

Taken September of 2011, weeks after I bought him.

Somehow he managed to survive being shuttled back-and-forth from Vermont to Massachusetts no less than seven times, as well as four one-week-stretches of complete solitude and fasting (Yay school breaks). His first tankmates, a trio of neon tetras, were not so lucky and he ate the little guys one by one. My next try was zebra danios, which I am happy to say were a great match. He was too slow to catch them, and they were too preoccupied with themselves to harass him very much.

One year later in September '12, happily settling in after his fourth move.

Now he's got a 5g all to himself, but I don't think the single life is agreeing with him too well. I'm also way too paranoid about his health, since this silly little fish has given me so much joy. Hopefully he'll stay with me for a while yet, and I'm hoping that sharing his tank* with a second betta will perk him back up. (*properly divided of course!)

Today, May '13. He's definitely not in his prime anymore but I think he's still very handsome.
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naaaa naaaa naaaa nanananaaaa nanananaa he-ey Jude!
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That is a great grumpy picture :D he's a handsome boy
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